Into 2010, with the weak international market gradually out of the State macro-control policy taking effect, while enterprises active measures to address the financial crisis effect is obvious, industry sales growth accelerated production, showing a good recovery situation.
First, production
1, producing steady growth, the basic balance between production and sales
1-2 months, woolen cloth production grew rapidly with the previous year, an increase significantly higher than the previous year. Wool yarn production rose 3.37% cumulative increase decreased slightly (-2.78 percent).
Knitting wool products in artificial fur, blanket, carpet production accumulated up 1-2 months showed significant growth trend.
1-2 months more than the scale of wool spinning, wool knitting and wool products industry total sales were 96.35% (+3.63 percentage points), 99.49 percent (-1.67 percent) and 96.18% (-3.74 percentage points), the basic balance between production and sales .
Second, investment in fixed assets
According to preliminary statistics, 1-February and the finishing of wool textile finishing, manufacture of wool products, wool knitwear and woven goods manufacturing industry, the actual investment in fixed assets over the previous year, showed faster growth, is clearly associated with the recovery of the two markets and industry investment warming.
Third, in export markets
1, the steady recovery in domestic
Domestic wool industry is out of the woods, to improve their response capacity of the most important supporting force. According to preliminary statistics, 1-February the industry’s domestic market is much improved over the previous year, gross scale textile enterprises, the sales value of wool products companies have rebounded significantly over the previous year, respectively, compared with the previous year growth of 34.85 and 29.86 percentage points , show a good upward trend. Among them, the wool textile industry sales volume growth was slightly higher than the textile industry growth. Sales value of wool knitting enterprises grew 11.70%, compared with growth of 6.59 percent over the same period last year. The proportion of domestic product by industry to further improve the driving role of the domestic market further enhanced.
Observed 1-2 months wool products mainly domestic retail market conditions, the national key large-scale department stores sell men suits and 30.12% year on year increase over the previous year increased 41.49 percent; cashmere and sweater sales fell 0.56%, down 0.54 percent, essentially flat with the previous year.
2, significant recovery in export
Wool exports in the first quarter last year the situation is extremely serious, serious decline, therefore, with the lower base of comparison, the majority of wool this year 1-2 months the number of categories showed significant recovery in exports. Scale wool textile and wool products business 1-2 months and an export value grew 15.58% year on year and 13.05%, but still lower than the same period the average growth of textile export delivery value of 17.60% level.
According to customs statistics, 1-February Wool Products up 27.30% of total exports, increased 41.57 percent. Number of major export products are significant upward trend. In general, due to low base, 1-year exports in February compared to a difficult situation last year improved significantly to cashmere clothing as the main raw material type on the number of lower exports growth is most evident only wool carpet exports fell for individual species. Wool knitwear export volume growth of 7.84%, dropped 19.43 percent year on year unit growth of 32.46 percent. Exports of woven garments and worsted fabric unit continued to decline.
1-2 months wool products main export markets, except Japan, the export value increased significantly over the previous year, the European Union, the United States the amount of the major wool textile exports were up 24.17% year on year and 26.61 percent. However, the export share of major export markets shrink, the European Union, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other major export market share of 54.57 percent to the total over the previous year fell by nearly 10 percentage points.
Observed from the exporter, the top five export, accounting for up to 67.26% of the total in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangdong provinces have increased for both exports, which rise the fastest in Zhejiang Province, an increase of 45.64% .
Fourth, industry-wide benefits
Size 1-2 months more than 3841 enterprises achieved a total profit of 960 million yuan, up 101.25%, 83.14% higher than the increase in the textile industry, much improved efficiency of the sector. Losses of loss-making enterprises amounted to 412 million yuan, a decrease of 22.82 percent year on year, down from a year earlier 47.99 percent loss was 27.20%, still higher than the same period in the textile industry loss level of 20.02%.
1, wool textile industry
Size 1-2 months more than 1499 wool textile enterprises realized main business income of 18.2 billion yuan, up 27.97 percent; a total profit of 571 million yuan, an increase of 289 million yuan (+102.12%), efficiency improved significantly.
2, wool knitting industry
Size 1-2 months more than 2104 knitting company main business income of 12.6 billion yuan, up 18.54 percent; production and sales increased rapidly, and the corresponding corporate operating expenses and management costs increase. Finished goods fell by 1.29%, a decrease of accounts receivable 2.09% year on year, accelerating cash flow. Scale enterprises total profit 321 million yuan, an increase of 154 million yuan (+92.13%), the industry in quality significantly improved over the same period, the momentum to further enhance recovery.
3, and wool products
Size 1-2 months more than 238 enterprises wool products, main business income of 1.962 billion yuan, up 32.51 percent; a total profit of 068 million yuan, up 147.90 percent year on year increase. The industry recovery and resume rapid growth, improving efficiency.
5, the wool industry raw material market
1-2 months this year, faster growth in the international market price of wool, as the global economic situation improved, the major wool-exporting countries the exchange rate higher, but also contributes to wool prices. According to customs data, imports of wool 1-February 49,400 tons, an increase of 29.48% (+49.24 percent), the market demand.
6, first half of the industry outlook is running trend
1, positive factors
1) The rebound in export markets to the good. Huge potential domestic market, the strong revival in the international market, the industry is running the first quarter of the indicators were significantly better than the same period last year.
2) around the “Textile Industry Adjustment and Development Plan,” published on business management, brand building, are to advance the implementation guidance. Help the industry to further speed up the process of adjustment.
3) enterprises to actively respond to the crisis, and enhance its own capacity to respond. Enterprises pay more attention to energy conservation, technological innovation, marketing, channel development, scientific management and information technology, focusing on content will become the company to enhance conscious action.
2, uncertainty
1) With the improved export situation, the expected increase in domestic inflation pressure of RMB appreciation will continue to increase.
2) RMB monetary policy tightening over the previous year, may affect corporate financing.
3) inadequate supply of wool production, wool prices are likely to continue rising. With the further recovery of domestic production, coal, electricity supply, the cost of fuel and power companies over the apparent increase in pressure.
4) The labor costs to rise further.
Into the new year, industry sales steadily rise and the quality and stability. A quarter of operation show that the industry has started out last year’s difficult situation. But the current situation, changes in the international market is difficult to predict the existence of such uncertainties, the first half of the overall situation remains to wait and see. Wool textile enterprises should pay close attention to the changes in the market, the adjustment of product structure, develop marketable products, and constantly open up new sales markets, efforts to expand domestic demand, changes in marketing Fang Shi accelerate the market management mode Xing Cheng, further consolidating the fruitful Quebao stable development of the industry.

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