I don’t know if any of you can relate to this story, but when I was a young man I was an introvert. I had a very low self-esteem of myself. I never thought that I would amount to much of anything or really become a success in my life. It wasn’t until I partnered with another entrepreneur who handed me a book, and this book happened to be a book on personal development, that my life began to change. The author’s name was Brian Tracy and the book was “The Psychology of Selling.” At the time, I was in the real estate investment industry. This book began the process that changed my life. Brian Tracy taught me that in my life I needed to work harder on myself than I did on my job.

When I first started the journey of personal development it was virtually impossible for me to go out of my comfort zone and to prospect and talk with strangers and hand out business cards or hand out company DVDs or any other literature. I just did not have the confidence in myself to do this. There were a number of things that Brian Tracy and other personal development authors and trainers really taught me about how to grow my self-image. The first thing that I learned to do was to dress for success because there’s something magical that really does help you to believe in yourself if you dress the part. If you dress as a professional it helps you to really believe that you are a professional even if you are young and you feel that your inadequate. Doing this will help you to overcome a lot a lot of your insecurities.

The other thing that I learned to do that really changed my life is to spend one hour every morning reading a book either in my field or in personal development. Doing this has transformed me into a much more valuable person in the marketplace and the neat thing about this is that it doesn’t take that long to see yourself growing into a powerful person.

If you can read one book a week imagine how many books that you will read over a year. That’s over 50 books! So the first hour of every day by should be spent reading personal development. It will actually program your self-conscious to do the work that is needed for that day and will set you on the right path in your online network marketing business.

I have produced more money than I ever did in any of my many different business ventures. And I really owe the majority of this to the fact that I have been working harder on developing myself as a leader and as a valuable entrepreneur to the marketplace than I have on my job. I’ve also learned that money is simply a by-product of the value and the integrity and the growth that we have built inside of us. In closing, my advice to you is to start your day off an hour or two hours early and read. Read good books on personal development, listen to personal development audio tapes in your car and study and you will be amazed at how your life will drastically change from somebody that blames others and blames their circumstances to somebody who now is a POWERFUL person and is an attractable person in the online network marketing industry.

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