Have you ever been talking with a guy and somewhere in the conversation his eyes begin to glaze over and he starts fidgeting uncomfortably? Do you all of a sudden sense that you have just turned him off? Do you have that nagging sensation that something you said has just cancelled out the connection? Your heart begins to sink and you wonder what it was. Read on to find out what conversations to avoid to keep that man from getting turned off.

A first meeting is uncomfortable and very fragile for both the man and the woman. It is a good practice to stay on safe ground while trying to talk to a new guy. Sure, we’ve all been told to avoid talking about religion and politics, but there are a few more areas to steer clear of.

Men in particular are extremely hesitant to approach conversations about emotions. Talking too soon with any guy about feelings will often cause him to withdraw as he could perceive you to be quite needy. Most men do not want the burden of accepting responsibility for your feelings so early on. Considering you have just met, he certainly does not want to be involved in a deep emotional connection. He senses that you might be opening up just a little too much and this makes most men very uncomfortable. In this case, you will probably find him looking for ways to escape. Your best option is to follow his lead and reveal your feelings a little at a time, responding to his degree of openness.

A second topic to avoid is the subject of money. A man’s ego is affected greatly by the importance he places on his finances, whether it is his salary, his dispendable cash, his history, or his status. Most guys will immediately get turned off when a woman seems to be prying into their money situation. You really do not need to know this when you first meet a man anyway, so definitely stay away. You would probably be offended also if he began to question your financial situation.

Finally, pay close attention to the vibe you give off when talking about other people. This is the first indication a man has of your personality; for example, are you critical or are you easy-going? He will pick up on a pattern of your relationships with others by the way you speak of them – you will want him to see you in a positive light. Additionally, he’ll always wonder if he’ll be the topic of your criticism one day.

So, keep in mind these three conversations to avoid to keep a man from getting turned off. A good rule of thumb is to have a mental stash of conversation starters for when you meet someone new. He will easily join in with his own ideas and chances are you won’t glimpse that glazed over look in his eyes.

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