When you start a business you will undoubtedly need to set up a network of some type and at the heart of any network is a router. That being said now would definitely be a good time to start searching for a decent router and there are a few out there that you will want to consider. Among them of course are Cisco routers and most businesses agree that these routers provide the best possible solution.


Not only are they durable in construction, they are also durable in terms of security and functionality. We say this for a reason of course as the firmware in a Cisco router is quite extraordinary. For one thing, it has the ability to control antenna range, which is something that most home routers are never going to be able to claim. In addition to this the security is much more robust and will only allow users that you wish onto your network.


 In addition to providing some of the best security options in the industry, it also features high end port forwarding which essentially permits you to forward virtually anything you want for any number of users. In other words, you can select an IP address or computer name from a drop down list and in doing so you will be able to choose which computer has what access on the network.


 The interface for a Cisco router is without a doubt one of the best features that it could have. You can either use a basic GUI access route or you could go with a CLI interface. Either of these can be accessed from either a local machine or remotely and all options can be configured before the router is connected to the network.


 Cisco routers are available in a number of different forms and you can buy one to fit nearly every situation. They are not cheap of course and some of the higher end routers can cost as much as £12,000 depending on the configuration. There are cheaper models and you will need to determine what exactly works best for your given situation. This will not be easy of course, but you will need to look at the different Cisco routers and determine what will work well right now and whether or not you will be able to take it with you as your business expands.


 When you are buying a Cisco router it would be best to buy directly from Cisco itself, though there are a few used models around. Before you know it, your Cisco router will provide you with all the functionality you need in a business network and ensure that you can move forward with your plans for the future, whatever they may be.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information about Cisco Routers, he recommends Prodec Networks.

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