Nowadays, we often see people hanging out with a notebook computer sitting on their laps. If you are one of them, you may find it uncomfortable, unless, you have one of the mobile computing trays or desks that are popularly sold on the market. Of course, a computing tray is the most comfortable way to use your laptop. The trays use to be just a flat, hard tray that you put your laptop on. There are various types of laptop desks so that you can choose an unique one from these.

As laptops became more popular and people could go anywhere to get their wireless connection, mobile computing became the new office setting. Nowadays you can do your work at the park, on the beach on your own deck. What more could you ask for? If you’re looking for some type of small computer desk to have and take with you everywhere you go, you should consider what features would be nice and efficient. Will it have a built in fan to keep your laptop cool? Do you want a padded tray to sit on your lap? Would you like a slide out area to have a space for your mouse? Are you a gamer and you need a bigger space to hold all your controllers?

Are you set up to use your laptop on the go and then go home and put it on a desk to use in any room? The choices are unlimited and you certainly want to customize it to your approval! Some people prefer the trays that allow your laptop to be at an angle. There are trays that are on a stand with an adjustable height. That will allow for you to sit in different chairs and still be comfortable. You could also add another tray, to the stand, and it could hold your printer. The possibilities are endless!

Now that your office is mobile, you should think about what kind of small computer desk would work for you. With mobile computing, you have the convenience of moving around and working in an area that is suitable for you. Choosing the right tray or small computer desk is important. You will become more efficient and be able to produce quality work. Take the time to think about the features that will suit your needs.

Greg S. Wallace is an expert on business office furniture. You can access his site here He also writes about small computer desks here.