Technology is fast advancing and many businesses are seeking the web presence. The most important took to success online is a well designed and hosted website. Web hosting is very important and every website owner must be very careful when selecting the type of web hosting solution for either personal or business website. Most people, especially start ups usually find web hosting solace in shared hosting, mainly because of different reasons.

The Costs: Shared hosting is obviously the most affordable web hosting solution offered by web hosting companies today. The sharing of resources like the servers and the hard disk space makes it cheap as one machine is segmented to cater for a large number of website. in return, all the hosted websites pay a fraction of the charge that is eventually lower than other platforms like dedicated hosting. Because of this main factor, shared hosting is usually the first destination for start up businesses and novices. You get the core services at affordable rates. The features that come with shared hosting vary from one web hosting provider to another and the users have the choice to go for the most affordable one but with the widest range of features.

Future Plans : This is another important factor that determines the selection of shared hosting compared to other platforms. Most multinationals today started off from scratch and they grew with time. This is usually the motivation behind the use of shared hosting by startup companies. They visualize the future and see growth potential. As the business grows, you can now move to a more advanced web hosting platform that is provided by your webhosting company. One important factor that must never be overlooked when looking for a web hosting company is their ability to move you from a lower platform like shared hosting to a higher one like VPS seamlessly.

Technological Know-How: This is an obvious factor that will definitely determine whether you decide to host your website on shared server or a dedicated one. Dedicated servers are usually technical in nature and you may have to hire a webmaster to manage the servers. On the other hand, shared hosting doesn’t require any technological prowess. This is because majority of the technical aspects of running and hosting the website are left in the hands of the web hosting company. Anyone can learn how to use the control panel within a few minutes and can use the control panel to make the adjustments to the appearance of the website as well as its functionality. The technologically crippled fellows have no reason to worry about how to run the servers as that is not their worry at all.

The Nature of the Website: Shared hosting is usually ideal for some types of websites and not others. If you anticipate a lot of traffic and activity, then an upgrade from shared hosting to dedicated servers will do you some good. Sites that are likely to consume a lot of bandwidth like movie streaming and images are not suitable for shared hosting too.

The choice of a web hosting solution is one of the most aspect of online businesses. It is therefore crucial that it is done with utmost professionalism and care. If you decide to use shared hosting, then you need to look for a very competent web host.

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