A lot of women and men spend thousands of dollars on treatments and creams to replenish lost nutrients, elastin, and collagen from their skin.

Believing in the promise to return lost youthfulness into one’s skin, Hollywood celebrities and rich individuals invest so much on treatments, surgeries and creams which assure them the return of youthfulness as they age; unfortunately, the right aged skin treatment is not something you would easily find from the supermarket shelf.

The reason is simple: most companies who target to sell to a greater mass of people often opt for alternative ingredients than the real deal when making aged skin treatment. Instead of using natural enzymes and oils as the main components of their products, they use synthetic chemicals instead.

Most supermarket products may be cheaper but if you check the ingredients, you could uncover a dark secret: they contain the ingredients that shouldn’t be in an aged skin treatment.

Instead, you could find a long list of chemicals in there that are not only synthetic but are also ineffective against aging.

There are big “no-no” ingredients that must be avoided and these are usually found in aged skin treatment and lotions. Propylene Glycol, for one, can potentially cause cell damage, skin rashes, and dry skin.

Another dangerous dioxin, 1, 4 dioxane is a certain chemical that makes the body think it is a hormone; however, hormone disruptors are carcinogenic in nature.

Diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and MEA Cocamide are a trio of carcinogenic ingredients often found in lotions and skin care creams. When used often, they could cause skin damage and rashes.

The FDA discourages the use of these ingredients in all cosmetic products, but due to their affordability, manufacturing companies continue to include them in creams but in smaller amounts.

Before purchasing an aged skin treatment, always check the label. If it contains any of these ingredients, you should realize your money is not worth it.

Instead, choose products that are approved by dermatologists and treatments that contain ingredients like Cynergy TK—the best ingredient that is known for reversing the effects of premature aging is Cynergy TK since it has been proven to assist in the body’s creation of natural collagen and elastin.

Other ingredients that assist in collagen production are Green Tea extracts, Vitamins A, and Vitamin E which also protects the skin from sun radiation.

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