Do you know what turns men off? Are you always making guys run for the hills? Would you like to find out how to turn them on instead? You’re probably committing a deadly relationship sin by speaking about the unspeakable too early on. Find out what turns men off and the topics to avoid with your guy by reading on!

If guys tend to drop you suddenly and you can’t figure out why, have a think about the last couple of dates you had. Did you say something that he might have found offensive? Maybe you did something that turned him off. Guys are not likely to be brave and tell you what the problem is, they’ll just stop seeing you, particularly if you’re just dating casually. Maybe you committed one of the following relationship crimes!

Crime #1 – Talking About The Ex

You didn’t, did you? No wonder he hasn’t returned your calls! Never, ever talk about your ex with a new guy. Guys stick together. You don’t know your guy well enough yet to tell him about past disastrous relationships. Right now he’d probably rather believe you’ve never looked at another guy. If you keep going on about an awful ex then beware – he’s likely to see things from the guy’s point of view! You’ll be the cause of the problem in his eyes. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this guy is not going to be chasing you for another date after a conversation like that.

Crime #2 – Piling On The Pressure

Stop nagging the guy! What turns men off? Women who go on and on and on about commitment, exclusivity, moving in together, getting engaged…get the picture? He’s looking to have a good time with you right now and if you’re piling on the pressure to go jewelery shopping on the weekend, he’ll be history by Friday afternoon.

Crime #3 – Being Overly Materialistic

It’s all well and good wanting the latest fashions in your wardrobe but do you really have to head to the designer stores every time he comes shopping with you? This guy is sitting there outside the changing room trying to figure out how on earth he’ll fund your habit year after year. Maybe it’s restaurants with you, only the best will do. Sometimes it’s nice to get food delivered instead, from that little take-out place along the street. If your guy has been burnt before and you’re clearly a gold-digger, he’s not going to hang around for long. He doesn’t want a girl who’s only interested in his wallet.

Hopefully you understand what turns men off and what you’ve done wrong in the past – now it’s time to alter your approach and keep your man for a change!

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