Incontinence affects millions of people around the world. Some people only experience it occasionally while others live with the daily embarrassment. The severity of the problem can be a slight spotting to no control at all. There are many adult incontinence products on the market, and choosing the right product can make this annoying problem more manageable. Here is a quick rundown of the types of products that are available on the market today.

Incontinence Pads

Arguable the most popular of all adult incontinence products on the market. They are easy to use and are easily changed. Discreet by design, there is an absorbency to fit any need. Light pads are available worldwide while heavy pads are bulky and are more difficult to ship. They are, however, manufactured in most developed countries. These pads come in any number of styles including a panty liner, a built-in reusable pad or a disposable pad. These pads may, in general, be used with regular underwear, or they can be used with underwear that is designed especially for incontinence pads. When shopping for an incontinence pad here is what you should look for.

Quality Workmanship – Look for at least several layers of an impermeable weave that absorbs as advertised. The pad should hold up even when wet.
Absorbency – Absorbing many times its weight in liquid, an incontinence pad is rated by the amount of liquid that it holds, light, moderate or heavy.
Backing – Check the backing on incontinence pads and look for a plastic backing that will keep liquids from soaking through. As an added convenience many pads offer an adhesive strip on the back to help keep the pad in place.
Dry Weave – Look for quality materials and workmanship including a wicking material that pulls moisture away from the body. Excessive moisture can irritate skin and eventually lead to infection.
Comfort – Look for pads that fit and are comfortable. Experiment with different brands and absorbencies to find the pad that fits your body and your needs.

Incontinence Pants

Another popular option for managing incontinence is incontinence pants. For some people wearing pants instead of pads is more comfortable and makes them feel more secure. This is frequently true in those that have to deal with heavier leakage issues. Pants come in several different configurations, so there should be something that fits anyone’s needs. Some pants have a pad already built in, and some pants and pads are sold separately so that the customer can tailor the pants to service their exact needs. Many of the incontinence pants available on the market today are hard to distinguish from underwear. Some are designed as washable and reusable, while others are disposable. There is literally a design to fit every lifestyle. Since the major part of incontinence pants is the pad, choosing the perfect pair of pants is very similar to choosing a good pad. So while looking for absorbency, quality workmanship, and comfort you may also want to check the following:

Style – Since many incontinence pads can look just like normal underwear, it is not hard to feel confident while wearing them. Gone are the days of bulky undergarments. They now look like either a lady’s brief or a man’s boxer shorts.
Affordability – While cost is an important factor do not sacrifice quality. With a little checking you should be able to find incontinence pants to fit your budget.
Lifestyle – Before purchasing incontinence pants, consider your lifestyle. If you dress more formally, you may want to consider a more discreet silhouette.
Discretion – If you are embarrassed to purchase your incontinence products in the store, then consider ordering by phone or on the internet and having them shipped directly to you at your home.

Modern Materials Improve Incontinence Products

There are incontinence products available to make this annoying problem less of an intrusion into your daily life. Some additional products include incontinence sheets or mattress covers to protect your mattress. Wheelchair covers come in handy to protect your chair as well as many other products designed to protect cars and furniture. Choosing the right incontinence products to suit your situation can be confusing, but by using the guidelines listed above you can navigate the maze of products on the market today flawlessly. Affordable quality at Key’s DryForLife, we try to take what can frequently be an annoying or embarrassing situation and turn it into nothing more than an afterthought. knows how difficult it can be to navigate the maze of incontinence products available on the market. With a few simple guidelines choosing the right Incontinence Products can be a snap. For discreet advice visit us at