There are various physical activities people can do such as strolling, standing, jumping, jogging, sprinting, among other mundane stuffs. All of these activities are possible because we have hardworking knees. Imagine a life without the knee joints. A scary prospect, isn’t it? The diligent joint is highly susceptible to injury caused by a lot of factors. Too much stress applied on the joints, sudden movements during strenuous activities such as in extreme sports, and deteriorating parts of the knee joints can lead to knee injury and consequently, knee pain. Although traditional and conventional treatments for knee pain are available, certain cases wherein a chronic condition causes progressive knee joint disintegration prompts highly advanced knee injury managements that are more likely than not invasive, excruciating and expensive. One of these is a Knee Replacement Surgery.

A knee replacement surgery is a major surgical operation performed in order to replace the damaged parts of a knee joint. Everyday we breeze through our daily tasks thanks to our dexterous knees but when we add too much pressure to the joints, it could lead to drastic injuries such as meniscus tears, tearing of the ligaments, and cartilage injury. Knee replacement devices are available for a successful knee replacement surgery.

Knee arthroplasty is another name for knee replacement procedure and the surgery may involve only a small portion of the affected part (partial surgery) or unfortunately includes the whole knee joint (total replacement surgery). During the surgery, the injured parts are exposed and the prosthetic device is attached as a substitute for the traumatized knee joint. The prosthetic device is connected to the living body parts using polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) cement. Alternative cementless procedures seen in the process of osseointegration and the use of porous metal prostheses are now available.

Zimmer’s cementless version of the NexGen CR-Flex from the NexGen line of knee replacement systems is a popular choice among orthopedic surgeons. However, increasing number of reports regarding defective products caused a Zimmer knee replacement recall to be issued and Zimmer lawsuits were filed. If you were harmed by this defective prosthetic device, just settlement can be acquired. More information relating to this case are accessible and free consultation with a Zimmer lawyer are procurable for interested individuals.

If you have questions about this procedure, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. The alleged faulty knee replacement devices are serious. For more information visit knee replacement recall related sites about the progress of the cases.