We hear a lot about spirituality. It’s the center point concept of religion and new age philosophies. Literally defined, spirituality means simply “of the spirit” or the use of the spirit towards some goal or end. Yet, ask different people what spirituality means to them and you will likely get a different answer from each. It appears to come down to “I don’t know how to define it, but I know it when I feel it.” If asked to define that feeling, the descriptive words used are frequently words of awe and a feeling of unity and connection with something outside or beyond themselves of which they are a part.

Spirituality is in the realm of feelings and emotions, not intellectual reasoning. The spirit is that which is not of the body or the material of the thing. It is rather the essence of the thing. Spirit is unknown in that it cannot be seen, touched, or tested. Yet, it is known because it can be felt, by some intensely. The spirit is the source of love, joy, sorrow, and grief. It doesn’t exist alone but in its relation to others in the invisible connections that bind us together.

Some believe that the spirit exists only in humans, a philosophy that one will find in the teachings of many religions. In religion, spirit is equated with God or a God presence within the individual body forming a feeling of connection with the deity. It is thought to be sourced within the soul, that ethereal center of life as given to humans by God, often as a way of differentiating humans from other animals.

Others, especially in the new age philosophies, believe that spirit is present in all living things, the essential life force that exists in all animals. Some go further and include plants, the trees and foods we eat that contain the essence of life and spirit that we share. Many of these philosophies embody the Earth as Mother with every living thing connected as part of the whole through a unified or universal spirit. Being spiritual by this definition would be connecting with awareness and awe to that universal spirit.

One thing that most all agree with when determining a definition of spirituality is the importance of it in our lives, in whatever philosophical form it takes for us, even if it cannot be put succinctly into words. In summation, the definition of spirituality is whatever you want it to be that gives you peace and a feeling of well-being.

(http://www.thirdeyeseeing.com/) Almost 30 years ago, I had a mystical experience of spiritual awakening that I need to share with the world.