Many electrical or electronic products have reset buttons. You usually push the reset button on a computer, a garbage disposal or other device, when everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked and it’s stuck. The analogy to people is clear. We get stuck too. We have pain. We get depressed. We paint ourselves into corners. We get used to doing things in ways that no longer serve us. We get used to seeing situations from one perspective, even though there are plenty of other ways to see them. When you push your reset button you open up the possibility of resolving what’s stuck.

As a coach, a lot of the work I do with clients is to help them get unstuck so that they can achieve what they want to achieve, but haven’t been able to. I loosen up my clients’ assumptions and perceptions by asking powerful questions. I ask them to look at a situation from various perspectives so that they can see things differently. Usually my clients gain perspective and self-awareness through this process. They also let go of what no longer serves them. What no longer serves them can include: negative self-talk, incorrect perceptions, old habits, old beliefs, being stuck, and a host of other things that keep them from being who they want to be. This allows them to move forward and achieve their goals.

As an acupuncturist, a lot of the work I do with clients is to help get their energy unstuck so that they can be free of what ails them. This is another way of pushing the reset button. An acupuncture treatment is a physical reset. It encourages your body to heal itself, and correct what’s not right. It may unblock blockages, reroute energy in the right direction, clear pathogens or do other things. One day a client came in to her appointment crying, feeling despair. She left my office after the treatment laughing and feeling hopeful. Other clients come in feeling pain and leave pain free. Our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal themselves when we let them.

Pushing your reset button is about getting rid of what no longer serves you. It’s also about moving forward toward becoming who you want to be and living the way you want to. Pushing the reset button on your career involves looking at several aspects of you and your career, seeing what’s working and not working, and making positive changes. Some people I’ve worked with have made a few very powerful changes which have made a huge difference. Others have decided to reinvent themselves and change more aspects of their professional life. If your career or professional life is causing you pain, just like an acupuncture treatment, pushing the reset button will ultimately ease your pain, and best of all you’ll be in the driver’s seat!

Nina Price is a licensed acupuncturist, speaker, teacher, business and wellness coach who helps people “push the reset button” on their health, their careers, and the rest of their lives, so that they can prevent burnout and have the professional life they want, no matter what happens. This article is an excerpt from her book 5 STRATEGIES FOR STAYING EMPLOYED IN TODAY’S ECONOMY.