1. True leaders influence others to grow. Someone who has experienced a true leaders helping hand will have growth for years to come. A true leader has a way of instilling confidence in others. Imagine running into someone that you had the privilege of working with, mentoring, years down the road. You listen to them share how their lives have grown and continue to grow all because of some part that you had in their lives.

2. True leaders aren’t in it for the glory or for the popularity. Being a true leader isn’t always easy. There are days when it seems that everything is going wrong and you wonder if you are getting through at all. Ever had those days? But then, there is a light at the end of tunnel and being a true leader can have its rewards. Perhaps you hear a “thank you”, or perhaps an employee that has been struggling to achieve his success finally has a break through and gives you his 100%.

3. True leaders must be trustworthy. It truly is a rare thing to find a leader/employer who truly cares about his employees. Some leaders aren’t looking out for their employee’s best interest. Some leaders are just money hungry. Some leaders just want others to make them look good so they can pat themselves on the back. A true leader leads with his heart, not with selfishness. Imagine a work place where the true leader is respected and therefore every employee wants to give their absolute best. The atmosphere in that work place would be absolutely amazing!

Being a support to others is a great way to show your true leadership. Think about ways you can influence those that you are leading in a positive way. Remember, you will hear for years to come stories of others continued growth – all because you took the time to lead with your heart and not selfishness.

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