The World Wide Web started in 1991 and was mainly used to gain text-based information. Through the years the Internet has developed and now 2/3 of households in the developed world have Internet access. Since television became popular it has been advertising’s main outlet. But now in 2008 the Internet has overtaken Television in terms of advertising revenue.

Television networks like ITV have had to make large cutbacks the latest being the Jeremy Kyle show. This is because they are now gaining less money from advertising. The Internet has proven more popular to companies, to show their products because of the more practical targeting of audience are the Internet offers. Such as banners that can be applied to a very specific website that only a certain type of people go on that matches who the company want to know about their product or service.

Streaming video on the Internet has taken off massively in recent years, as the Internet became more of a past time as well as a valuable source for information. The main type of video advertising is to put a 10second add at the start of a popular video. For example at start of a sky sports highlights video there might be an advert for beer or a new car.

Web presenters are often you’d to keep people on a site and usually give some kind of information or tutorial of have to use a service or even the website itself, this may help people stay on a complexly structured website rather than leaving it after 20-30 seconds.

Sites like YouTube have taken off because it has brought all videos from different areas such as music videos, trailers, instructional videos and live performances. Previously you would have to visit separate sites to view the videos you wanted to watch but now it’s all under one roof. The problem with these operations is copyright which is now being cracked down on by YouTube and similar sites.

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