Introducing a new product is crucial and not to mention expensive, because there are several things that you need to spend on especially on product publicity and promotions. Although it sounds like you are going to slice a big portion from your marketing budget for brand introduction, it would really surprise you to know that your expenditures could narrow down while your promotional effort remains effective. The key to it is knowing what to use as Promotional Products and how you are going to use them. Here are some tips that would surely boost your target client’s interest without hurting your budget:

Hand out product samples. Instead of ordering tons of promo items that clients do not sometimes see the connection to your actual product, give them the exact sample of your product at smaller packs. This would save your clients the hassles of figuring out how a promotional pen is related to your brand of oatmeal. This would be a direct approach, since your brand in itself would be your Promotional Products and your clients can immediately give feedback on the brand you are introducing. For instance, if you are introducing a brand of tuna flakes in the market, give out small packets of the product in grocery stores and supermarkets. You can ask for direct feedback from them or you can ask them to call or email you about what they think about your brand.
Give out miniature versions of your product. If you are in the car industry and your company has a new model set for release, you can give out miniature versions of the car model as your Promotional Products. To make your promo item stand out, make it functional like designing it as a mini version of your car in such a way that it would not just be a small replica of the product you are endorsing but making your promotional mini car as your client’s flash drive or a pointer pen, a small torch, their favourite lighter or make the mini car version into a keyring. It doesn’t matter what design you are going to use for your Promotional Products, as long as it is a clear reminder of the brand you are introducing in the market and as long as it could be useful to your prospective clients and even to the general public.

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