Many medium and large enterprises huge monthly long distance expenses. Currently, companies can use IP Phone Cards Means of saving the bill, but because of its long identification and password authentication, and even redial are very troublesome, making it difficult to popularize in the enterprise, but also to pay a large percentage of local phone calls. Against which I introduced a new type of IP phone gateway, solve these problems, enabling businesses to easily and conveniently save long distance charges.

First, what is VOIP? VOIP is Voice OverIP, is to convert voice or fax data, together with the data and then share the same IP Network (Internet internet). As the voice and fax ride for free in the Internet on a “ride”, so point to point (gateway — Gateway) long distance (international or domestic) Communication Is completely free.

Now has no long-distance phone companies must relay, as long as using VOIP Technology , You can use the IP network into the adapter. IP network can be Internet, I PLC (International line), Wireless Network Contact, etc., as long as the IP protocol is used (Internet Protocol) on it. The VOIP system is the traditional telephone network and the Internet mix and match together.

Works (Figure 1) Second, why the establishment of companies and enterprises to VOIP communications network?

Through the Internet to the telephone or fax communications, for you year after year to save a lot of long distance communications!

Between two points if there is frequent long-distance telephone communications, you will deeply appreciate your long-distance communications had brought a heavy burden. If you have multiple offices abroad Cooperation Partners, or for any significant reduction in long-distance charges between the two places are worthy of your time on our company’s VOIP system applications Solutions Further understanding.

With ADSL , LAN, DDN, etc. Gradually spread of broadband networks and network speed, bandwidth greatly improved. If the business is only using ADSL and other broadband networks transceiver Electronic E-mail, browse the Web, find information such as the use of commonly used simple, will cause a lot of bandwidth, waste of resources.

VOIP appearance, is full use of their existing broadband ADSL and other resources, corporate communications and fax operations to the company’s existing ADSL and other broadband networks to communicate and fax. Enterprises such as ADSL broadband network mostly by way of monthly, when the two companies total, between branch offices, VOIP equipment are installed after the company had total between the two places, branch communications and fax services will be through the business of ADSL and other broadband communications network, which year after year, saving a lot of business off-site under the general, long distance between offices (international and domestic) communication costs.

Function display (Figure 2) And the public through VO IP Voice Gateway Features: —-

Immediate and direct savings to businesses by telephone, fax operations to the company’s existing ADSL and other broadband networks to transmit, for the enterprise instant save a lot of long-distance communications costs. Communication depending on the number of corporate users can immediately save you more than 70% of long-distance communication costs.

1, point-free calls Whole company can use the —– and the public through VOIP systems can be linked to the company’s PBX ( PBX ), So be open to employees of company-wide use, pick up the table as long as the existing telephone, you can make free long distance calls or faxes;

Call easy to use —– General, branch we are facing, not only ordinary telephone Computer Without re-learning, you can immediately use;

Such as: Corporation (port cornet): 66666

Shenzhen Branch (port cornet): 77777 Shanghai Corporation (Port cornet): 88 888 Taiwan companies (port cornet): 99999 USA (port cornet): 33333

Head hit the Shenzhen: hook +77777 Shanghai hit the United States: hook +33333

2, Hua Fei low long distance calls

And the public can be achieved through peer to peer VOIP system in addition to free calls, you can also make domestic and international long distance calls, while the cost is very low, the rate is about normal Telecommunications Sector 30%.

Dialing method: Domestic long-distance: hook + area code + phone number Domestic long distance

International: Abstract Machine + International long distance area code + phone number + #

3, stable support for fax VOIP Gateway

and the public through its own R & D by the latest data processing technology, solves the VOIP industry is generally not stable to support fax problems. VOIP gateway to make and the public through a VOIP industry best gateways to support fax, stable support for more than 30 consecutive fax, high-definition.

4, multi-line calls at the same time

Take up very little bandwidth, only occupy a common bandwidth (such as ADSL, TV Broadband) will support the 16 lines while working (call, fax); In the case of routing Sharer The form of shared access, just take up Hubs ( Switch ) Of a port can support 16 lines while working (call, fax).

5, quickly build internal telephone network

This product features both a telephone PBX, can be quickly and easily build enterprise internal telephone communication network.

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