VoIP and hosted PBX solutions help businesses maintain a robust telecommunication system at an affordable cost. With their sophisticated call management features, these phone systems facilitate smooth business communication and help to improve productivity.

VoIP Solutions at Affordable Cost

VoIP solutions allows you to transfer calls easily over an IP network. They eliminate the need for installing any complex hardware or software network at your facility. VoIP cuts down expenses by utilizing a single network for voice data transfer. Your existing phone line and a broadband Internet connection are enough to get started with this service. You can also add on as many phone extensions as you want. This gives you flexibility to work from any location.

Hosted PBX for Smooth Telecommunication

PBX solutions come with state-of-the-art features that facilitate smooth and easy business communication. The auto attendant feature is designed to handle calls efficiently. It greets all callers in a professional manner and presents them with a menu to route calls to appropriate extensions, groups, mailboxes, call queues and conference rooms. As with conventional telephone systems, VoIP PBX allow you to get call detail records and billing information, listen to and delete your voicemail and upload music on hold.

When there are multiple calls coming simultaneously to the office, they can be made to ring sequentially to a specific extension first or a group. The first person who picks up the phone answers it. So callers get a platform to interact with an employee straight away, rather than an auto attendant.

Flexible and Scalable

VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions are very flexible and scalable. It can deliver several calls simultaneously, handle unattended calls with voicemail, and send and receive fax through email. The follow me call forwarding feature allows calls to be routed through a predefined list of phone numbers so that employees can receive calls even on their mobile phones when they are not in the office. All these features ensure that the chances of missed calls are minimized.

To benefit from VoIP and hosted PBX solutions, contact a reliable service provider. Choose an appropriate package that can provide you with system to meet your specific needs.

VOIP PBX business phone system features include voice mail, virtual receptionist etc. Access Direct provides hosted PBX system, integrated with high-end VOIP technology.