Not using your turn signals is one of my biggest (if not my biggest) pet peeve when it comes to driving. It seems to me that if turn signals were installed into every single vehicle, that we should be using them more often than we actually do, right?
Lately, I have made a game out of figuring out whether someone will use their turn signal or not as well as what the cause of them not using their turn signal is. What I have discovered is that most people who speed up to pass you or who are driving fast along side of you are almost always doing so because they want to pass you or are going to attempt to pass you. If this is the case, I have noticed that out of every ten or so drivers that does this, more than fifty percent of them cut in front of me without using their turn signals. Now, perhaps you are thinking, “Well, maybe the reason for this is due to the fact that you are driving too slow or are somehow impeding the flow of traffic.” 
Negative. In all of the instances that I have witnessed, I am almost always doing at least five miles per hour over the speed limit or more! So, what are these people rushing to? In other situations, when I have been able to see the person clearly in their vehicle, the secondary reason that they aren’t using their automobile signals is due to the fact that they are using their cell phone or are actively engaged in a conversation with someone else in their car. So, what does this reveal about people who are driving? Does this mean that we cannot do two things at once; that we are bad at multi-tasking? No. What this indicates is that we are not really as focused on driving as we should be. 
When you are driving or behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are contributing to the safety of not only you and the people you are transporting- but to other drivers out there who are also sharing the road with you. What do you think would happen if the majority of people didn’t use their turn signals to indicate where they were going? What would happen would be mass chaos as each of us tried in vain to figure out what the other person in front of us or beside us was doing. In one situation where someone wasn’t using their signal flasher, I had approached a four-way stop. At the same time that I had approached the intersection, another car had approached the intersection just moments before me from the opposite direction. Because there was no one else at the intersection and the other person did not have their turn flasher on, I started to inch forward at the same time that this person started to turn in towards m vehicle. I stopped and then honked my horn. That’s when they decided that it might be a good idea to switch on their turn signal…

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