Over the past few decades, a certain type of sporting has become more and more popular, especially with those who seek adventure and the thrill of an adrenaline rush. When it comes to high adventure and high danger, nothing comes close to the excitement that an extreme sport has to offer. Extreme sports have no set definition. Most sports are labeled “extreme” because they have a high level of inherent danger. This may involve extreme levels of height, speed, skill, and strength. Many extreme sports are defined as such because they are considered “counter-cultural,” or in other words, not normal cultural sports like football or baseball. There is no clear-cut definition of an extreme sport, other than it’s danger defying, adrenaline pumping, and all-around good fun. Below are two examples of exciting extreme sports.

Kitesurfing is one extreme sport that many adrenaline addicts can’t get enough of. With a kite, water, and a board involved, kitesurfing is almost like a cross between paragliding and windsurfing. As in windsurfing, kitesurfers use the power of the wind to propel them through the water. But unlike windsurfing, the athlete uses a large power kite instead of a sail to harness the power of the wind. Using the kite to capture the wind, the kitesurfer can do tricks and spins at dizzying heights with a board strapped to his or her feet. Kitesurfing can be dangerous and addictive for the adrenaline junkie.

Another great extreme sport is skydiving. People often list skydiving as one of the top ten things they’d like to do before they die. That’s because skydiving, especially for the acrophobic, is the ultimate way to defy danger and gain courage. Beginning skydivers often start out their experience doing a tandem jump, which means you jump while harnessed to a certified skydiving instructor. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of training and certification before a person can jump solo. A tandem jump requires comparatively little certification. You are able to get in the air and make the jump a lot more quickly. Although you are trained in all the aspects of the gear, the jump, and the deployment of the chute, your instructor is the one who actually does the technical work of the jump, while you enjoy the incredible sensation of falling through the sky.

Extreme sports like this are the reason the label “extreme” was invented. Soaring through the water and air while kitesurfing and jumping from a plane with nothing but a parachute are two examples of the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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