To Do lists are an excellent tool to keep track of what you need to do when and with whom. But how do you know what actions to enter into your To Do list and how do you keep your To Do list up to date?

It is hard work to sort through many strategies, projects, initiatives, meeting actions, and issues to identify what is happening and what you need to do. It gets even harder when something changes and you need to update your To Do list.

Keeping your own To Do list up to date rarely works in practice. So a better solution is urgently needed.

TASKey has developed and validated a simple solution to identify relevant To Do’s and keep them updated. The solution uses an amazingly simple plan template to turn plans for strategies, projects, initiatives, meeting actions, and issues into personal To Do lists. The plan template has been used by 10,000 people in over 175 countries.

By finding all relevant To Do’s in relevant plans, TASKey web and mobile software(called Me2Team) creates a powerful personal To Do list for each user. This process ensures that plans and ToDo lists are integrated and synchronized for people working together.

When a person completes a To Do, the relevant plan and all relevant To Do lists are also updated.

People are kept informed about changes made by others to their Plans and To Do lists by email. This eliminates the need to waste time looking for changes and keeps software users informed in real-time.

Anywhere, anytime access ensures that users can get plan, To Do and progress information when they need it. Security and privacy are managed on a need-to-know basis.

By turning strategies, projects, initiatives, meeting actions, and issues into personal To Do lists, and keeping relevant people informed about changes that affect them; significantly less time and effort is required to manage To Do lists and coordinate plans.

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Neil is CEO of TASKey that develops and validates management solutions for people. Neil who has successfully managed over 100 projects in a wide range of areas identified the biggest deficiency in managing projects as a method to help people work together to complete project tasks. Over the last 10 years, he has developed unique distributed project management software to eliminate this project deficiency. Visit