A Fire Engine Birthday Party is sure to please any little fire man. With bright red decorations, fire man stationary and a themed birthday cake, the birthday boy (or girl) will be delighted.

To start with, you’ll need to get the invitations out. You can make your own fire engine themed invitations on the computer and print them out in colour (or just email them to each child’s parents) or you can purchase them on Amazon along with all your other party accessories, games and gifts.

The decorations will be bright red and lots of it! If you’re on a tight budget you can use red crepe paper and red balloons to festoon the party place with colour. You can also get you’re own children involved in painting and decorating with pictures of fire trucks, fire stations, hoses and fire. But if you’re looking to make the birthday area a little more exciting you can purchase many decorations and party packs on Amazon. I was surprised at just how much variety there is available and the great thing about buying online is that you can check out everything that is available rather than being limited to just what is in your local stores.

Fire engine birthday party games can include building their own fire engine with large cardboard boxes (depending on age and group size). Just fold in the top and bottom so the child can step into the box and use string to hang the box over each shoulder. Paint the box bright red and use paper plates for wheels and the brown cardboard to make wooden ladders attached to the side. Or split them into teams and see which team can put out a (pretend) fire the fastest by emptying a large bucket of water using only small beach pails to transport the water from the large bucket to the ‘fire’. You’ll want to make sure it’s warm weather because you’re sure to have water spilling everywhere.

If you’re good at making and decorating cakes a fire engine should not be too challenging for you. A couple of slab cakes cut to size and placed one on top of the other can make the shape of the fire truck and as long as there is plenty of red icing I know the children will be thrilled.

For Max’s birthday, his mum Nicolette contacted the local fire station and they were happy to host a small party and even gave the children a tour through the station, a ride on the fire truck (WOW!) and a fire hose demonstration. It will depend on where you live I’m sure, but why not try contacting your local fire station and see if you can’t convince them to let you host your party at the fire station!

Even if you can’t have the party there, you may be able to take the children to visit. You can see pictures of Max’s fire station party and his fantastic birthday cake here.