People are starting to ask what does omega 3 fish oil do? People have known Omega 3 fish oil works for improving heart conditions and lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. What people don’t know is that it also helps in aiding ailments in joint functions, helps in reducing cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. It also affects your inflammatory response in a positive way.

The reasons behind this are the active ingredients found in Omega 3 fish oils. What does omega 3 fish oil do or more importantly how does it do it? Omega 3 has the acids docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) which are also found not just in fish oils but also in some nut oils. So when buying food products which contains fish oil, it’s best to look at the label and see if these two active ingredients are present.

How does it regulate the cholesterol level?

Blood pressure and cholesterol level are lowered down because of the fatty acids that are highly present in Omega 3. 

How does it improve your Cardiovascular Health?

Because your lower cholesterol levels are decreased, it is known to have a positive effect in your heart, arteries, and veins that compose your cardiovascular system. While taking away bad cholesterol, it helps in adding up good ones to your heart to make it healthier.

Will it prevent the threat of having Stroke and Heart Attack?

This can be prevented from happening since it breaks up the plaques that lump in the arterial walls, which are also known as thrombosis or clots, before they block the brain and the heart.

What does omega 3 fish oil do to reduce risk of Cancer?

The most common cancers who contribute to the mortality rate are breast, prostate, and colon cancers. By taking in Omega 3 fish oils, healthy cells that are about to become a cancerous mass are prevented from becoming cancer cells.

How does it affect your inflammatory response?

It prevents you from having painful muscle conditions by regulating the inflammation cycle of one’s body. When this happens, several body and muscle aches such as the famous arthritis are cured, if not prevented.

See? All of these are the wonderful health benefits that Omega 3 fish oil brings. It develops almost every organ and system in your body, thus improving your health condition and adding up more years to your life.

All of these health wonders can be achieved in just one simple step, and that is to always watch out your food intake and make sure that the Omega 3 fish oil is always present. So if somebody asks what does omega 3 fish oil do? You can simply say it makes your heart stronger. 

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