HC HVAC & R Network ┬áTiptop International was established in August 19, 1999, in Beijing, Nanjing, Dongguan and development Tiptop International Apartment, Green Valley Nga, Western Hills house of five items. Tiptop International earlier made in China Environmental protection The concept of green real estate development company. 2002 Beijing Tiptop International Development first made “Farewell Air Heating Time”, is the first application of European environmental protection high-comfort, low energy consumption design of optimal design theory built apartment-style residential buildings.

Project Overview 1, Beijing Tiptop International Apartment

Beijing Tiptop primarily through concrete Heating Refrigeration system, healthy new air system, external systems, external window system and roof system to build five eco-systems apartment, to achieve high comfort living under the premise of recycling of renewable resources and low Energy Consumption. Beijing Tiptop residential living environment not only by the National Engineering Research Center and the Beijing office building and the wall were classified as innovative “high comfort generation of low energy housing experiment base” and “Beijing Building energy efficiency Pilot communities, “while the world’s Alliance for Sustainable Development (AGS) in the only provide technical support and tracking to monitor the project.

2, Nanjing Tiptop International Apartment Nanjing Tiptop International Apartment in Beijing Tiptop “upgrade version”, that is, low power consumption in Beijing in front still based on the Nanjing summer and cold winter weather conditions and living habits, adoption of solar energy, geothermal energy and other shallow The commercial use, and strive to construction of non-renewable heating and cooling system energy use down to zero or balanced, so that energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, while achieving a more healthy, comfortable and safe internal environment. Nanjing Tiptop International Apartment received a high degree of industry recognition, in July 2009 was “an excellent example of the United Nations Habitat Award.”

Nanjing Tiptop International Apartment Analysis of a typical project Nanjing Tiptop technology systems used in Beijing Tiptop is basically based on proven technology with the application of renewable energy technologies, including one of the radiation heating and refrigeration, ventilation system technologies and external insulation protection system Technology is internationally recognized as the advanced and mature technology.

Nanjing Tiptop systems 1, external wall insulation composite technology

Nanjing Tiptop wall hangings using the dry stone wall insulation composite system, the outside wall from the structure of three parts: the first insulation layer, for the 100mm thick self-extinguishing type molded polystyrene board or glass wool, and structure of the wall plate and screw end on bond. The second part is 50mm thick layer of air flow, used to heat and Insulation material The water and moisture evaporates, to ensure insulation materials dry and prolonging the service life; The third part is hanging open stone walls, directly through the keel and the links embedded parts with the main structure, and between the insulation material there is no relationship between force, wind pressure, anti freeze, earthquake ability.

2, outside the window insulation technology portfolio

Nanjing Tiptop off with a hot aluminum window frames, low-emissivity (Low-E) insulating glass, aluminum activities shading (shutter) technology three main techniques, lighting, good ventilation, also have the insulation, insulation, the combined effect of viewing and safety.

3, concrete radiant cooling technology

Choose concrete radiant heating cooling system is based on the radiation heat transfer more effective than on the human body more healthy and comfortable. Meanwhile, the technology take full advantage of the thermal inertia of concrete to balance the indoor temperature fluctuations, lower power consumption, will help alleviate the pressure on the city power supply. In addition, the system also has some characteristics of temperature and temperature regulation.

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