Cleaning car engine is one of the most neglected tasks by the car owners as the engine resides under the hood and doesn’t has any role in cars overall road presence. But most of you may not be aware that like anything else, cleaning car engine falls highly essential for its better performance. Here are few useful tips for the owners who are planning to clean their car’s engine.

1) If engine is heavily soiled, run it for an about a minute so that the soil loosen its grip from the engine surface.

2) For making the task of cleaning the engine of your car an environment-friendly process, move the car to a location where the oil and sludge residue of the engine do not enter a stream drain.

3) Disconnect all the electrical connections by removing negative and positive terminal cables one after another.

4) Now its time to cover those parts with water bag where entering of water can cause a damage or fault. Specially, all of the electrical component should be kept safe from water. It is recommended to cover the breather or air intake and carburetor through Plastic or aluminum foil.

5) Use a stiff bristle paint brush for removing any loose debris or dirt on the engine surface.

6) After cleaning the dirt, it comes to the most fun part of this car engine cleaning process. Make a solution of water and dish detergent and apply the solution on the engine. Let it react with the grease and dirt and than gently scrub the dirt out.

7) If you are still not able to remove the grease or if there is heavy grease on the engine surface, use a recommended engine de-greaser that can be bought from any automotive supply store.

8) Rinse the engine with water and clean away the residue of dirt water and the chemical that you used. Now, remove the plastics you used for covering up the components.

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