When it comes to skin care, it seems there is always a new “miracle product” out there that makes the promise of perfect skin, but can you trust them?

There are so many choices and many of them make empty promises and do nothing but waste your time and often a lot of your money. When it comes to minimizing the effects of aging on your skin, collagen and elastin producing products are the real deal and can actually change your skin’s appearance for the better (and do it fast!).

First, let’s take a look at what happens to aging skin. When you are in your teens and twenties, your body makes plenty of the proteins collagen and elastin which are responsible for keeping your skin plump and elastic.

That’s why you didn’t have any wrinkles in college and why you don’t notice your neck sagging just a bit until you are in your thirties and forties.

Your skin naturally produced collagen and elastin in abundant supply and all you had to do was keep it clean and hydrated and protect it from the sun.

Then, age takes over, and coupled with environmental factors like smoking, poor hydration or diet and sun exposure, your skin starts to show its age. With collagen and elastin production on the decline, your skin is not as able to regenerate itself and keep itself looking fresh and youthful. You need to find some collagen and elastin products that will help your skin regain that look and repair itself.

Now, some products claim to contain these two proteins, but you can slather all of these on your face and you won’t see the effects that you will when you choose natural collagen and elastin producing products that will help your skin renew itself and increase these proteins from the inside out.

It’s kind of like how you need to actually drink water to get the hydration benefits–you can’t just sit in a tub all day and expect to absorb the water into your body–you have to do it from the inside out. Good skin care will be packed with gentle, natural ingredients that will help your skin repair itself while hydrating it and protecting it from the sun.

So what can you look for in a good skin product to help you fight the outward signs of aging skin? Most will contain phytessence Wakame, Cynergy TK, and coenzyme Q10, all of which will help your skin increase the production of the important proteins collagen and elastin.

They will also include vitamin complexes that work as anti-oxidants and reduce the free radicals that are keeping your skin from repairing itself. Natural ingredients such as essential oils form the base for good skin care and are very gentle for aging skin.

Beyond using quality products for your aging skin, there is more that you can do to win the fight against wrinkles and sagging. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will help your skin look younger while you are targeting your complexion problems with collagen and elastin products.

Quitting smoking, taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise all contribute to both your overall health and the appearance of your skin. Plus, the other health benefits of good habits will make you not only look younger, but feel and act younger, too. Healthy habits are always a good idea!

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Dan Ho is a strong proponent of natural health in all its forms: skin care, supplementation, and farm fresh foods. Dan enjoys introducing people to the best natural products he can find and uses himself daily at: http://www.healthy-flawless-skin.com