The square scarf is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that one can wear anytime, anywhere. These can provide warmth and comfort on a very cold winter evening or it can protect the hair and the head from dust and wind while staying outside. They can be worn as an added accessory that can adorn dresses or any other particular outfit. What once could be drab and dull looking outwear could be transformed remarkably with the use of it.

There are different types of scarves and their classifications would depend on different factors and elements and these will be discussed in part here.

1. It can be made of different types of fabrics and materials, the most prominent of which is silk. A silk scarf is the most popular and most sought after among these types and these would surely fetch the highest prices tags. Other fabrics include cotton, wool, cashmere, rayon, satin, polyester and other synthetic or natural fibers that can be used.

2. It can also be classified according to their functional purposes. One of the most common is to provide warmth to the neck, shoulders, upper chest and even the arms. A scarf for this purpose can be made of luxurious materials such as angora or it can be made from a standard flannel cloth that can be wrapped a few times around the neck.

It can also be used to tie down hair into pony tails or braids, or it can cover the whole head or used as a headband. This can be a great idea to provide more flair and style to your crown, particularly if you are in one of those bad hair days that people dread. Another function is to use it as a shawl to cover your shoulders and upper chest. This would add some accent to your dress or outfit and make it more classy or stylish.

3. Another way to classify scarves is through the type of designs or patterns that can be made. Some can be plain and monochromatic but with a beauty and elegance that is derived from the materials it was made of. Some designs and patterns make use of stripes and lines, either woven into the fabric itself or printed on top.

Some patterns make use of various variations of hues or would use trademark characters that identify a signature label or a particular manufacturer. The designs and patterns can be printed on one side or can appear on both sides of the scarf.

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