Autoclave is a lab instrument that can also be owned by individual and manufacturer. In laboratory this instrument is used to sterilize hazardous microorganisms and others. Sterilization means the destruction of microorganism life including spores, viruses, and others.

This instrument must be checked regularly to know whether it is working properly or not. If the steam does not directly contact the hazardous materials, the microorganisms are not destroyed by the autoclaving process. To validate the effectiveness of sterilization process you ought to perform vials test. You need to perform this quality control monthly. You also have to clean the unit regularly depending on the items that have been autoclaved.

All items that are going to be sterilized must be placed inside the tray. The tray must be able to handle the items from boiling over, falling, and spilling into the chamber. Make sure that the items that you are going to sterilize are autoclaveable. Pay special attention to hazardous liquids. The vessel must be twice larger than the liquid inside. This is to prevent spilling when the liquid is boiling inside the chamber. The caps must be loosened to prevent vessel breakage. You have to put garbage inside autoclave bags and trays of 5 inch

Autoclave is an instrument that has a risk in usage. This instrument generates a lot of energy in the sterilization process. There are many possibilities of injury that can happen to the user. To prevent the possible injury caused by the incorrect usage of this instrument, you have to follow the steps below.

1. Wear apron, gloves, and glasses to handle hot vessels.
2. Do not forget to shut it off and unplug the cable before removing the materials from the chamber.
3. Let the materials cool before removing them from the autoclave sterilizer.
4. Carefully remove the materials from the autoclave.

Beginner level of autoclave user should learn about how it operates before starting to use this instrument. Different type of autoclave might have different instruction in using it. Even though you are a professional user, you have to read the manufacturer’s instruction for the correct usage of the autoclave.

The autoclave sterilizer will surely sterilze your items. There is a great model of autoclave called as electric sterilizer that can be found in the market.