A home theater is a great investment for people who are particular with the quality of their entertainment. There are many different home theater design choices which are dependent on the size of the room that one will be turning into a home theater. Other factors that may affect the home theater design are the preferences of the owner, the kind of entertainment system the owner has and the degree of entertaining the owner has in mind.

Size of the Room

The size of the room has an impact on the concept of the home theater room design. A small room greatly affects the kind of home theater design one may have in mind. The size of the room should correspond to the size of the television set one has. An overly large television set is not appropriate for a small room as this may affect viewing pleasure.

The distance between the television set of about 40 inches and the viewer should be a minimum of about ten feet. Any closer than that may mean trouble for the person’s eyes. With this limitation, the room should not be less than fifteen feet either side to comfortably accommodate a pleasant home theater design concept.

Location of the Television Set and Others

Where the television set is placed is also a crucial aspect of home theater design. The television set should not be located on the same wall as a nearby door. The opening and closing of the door, especially if this is a well used door, will disturb the viewers from their entertainment.

Emergency doors may be taken into consideration as long as these are not opened and closed when the home theater is in use. Windows should be closed or heavily curtained to discourage disturbing light and motion seen outside.

Speakers should also be set up in such a way that the sound provides a well rounded or surround sound. This helps to create a more realistic aspect of viewing wherein the sound seems to come from all around. Home theater design is important to achieve the best possible viewing and listening experience.

There should also be at least a six way speaker system or more for best viewing and listening. For a small room, it is relatively easy to place the speakers in such a way that there is surround sound. Most home entertainment systems provide appropriate quality with regards to their speakers.

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