There are several interpretations for specific colors, and if you want you can add your own meaning to the colors that you choose for the gifts that you give. Consider these color interpretations when you give your next present to a loved one.

Blue- A soothing and relaxing color that can represent peace, unity or security. Lighter blues are happier, more healing colors. Use blue for a get well soon present, to help someone calm down during a stressful time, or to wish them peace in the conflicts or storms of life.

Pink- A soft color that represents sweet love, romance, and playfulness. Pink can also represent friendship. Send something pink to your significant other or to a good friend that you cherish.

Red- A stimulating color used to represent the fiery and passionate side of love. Red is a mysterious and sophisticated color that stands out. It signifies importance (like the red carpet). If you respect someone highly, or you are “hot” for them, red is a good color to choose. It can also be celebratory of continuing flames between lovers.

White- The color of purity, white is an honest and pure tone that represents cleanliness and innocence. This is a color for sweet and youthful affection. You can give gifts of this color to a preteen, child, or to your boyfriend or girlfriend if the relationship is new.

Purple- This color represents honor, royalty and wisdom. This is a nice color to present to a grandparent or parent as it can show your appreciation for their wise counsel and respect for their experience.

Gray- A conservative and moody neutral. It can represent intelligence, maturity/experience, or a blend of emotions. Gray is a color that suits a certain personality. It could make for a nice graduation present tone.

Orange- A bright and energizing color could represent warmth, vivaciousness or attraction. If you are strongly attracted to a person you don’t know well yet, orange might be the color to use to send your message. You might also offer something orange to a friend or relative who has a bubbly or bright personality.

When you present your gift, be sure to let the receiver know how much thought you put into the color and explain what it means. It can certainly make an impact.

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