It’s hard to know when to potty train our child. Experts aim the common time frame from anywhere between a year and a half to over three years of age, though age it turns out, is never as relevant as readiness. Think about the following: If your child tells you when they are dirty or when they need to be clean, then they are probably already ready to start the toilet training adventure. 

The right time to start potty training is a single second after they are ready. Learning to use the potty isn’t just about ditching the diaper, it is also about the personal responsibility that is gained.

If your child stays in diapers after we know they are capable of doing better, simply because they don’t want to take their next step, you are allowing them to make the rules and setting a poor precedent at an early age. You might be thinking, “But my son’s only two.” Sure, but heʼll soon be four, then eight… then eighteen. Right now, he is discovering who he is – the early years are essential.

Potty training is effortless for some and a tumult for others, but you cannot allow the difficulty to detour you. It is called potty training after all. Once you’re confident that your child knows what is happening, what they’re supposed to do, and why they’re supposed to do it, it’s time.

All children develop at a different pace, and there isn’t a single moment that gives the green light. The best you can do to set your child up for the greatest success is to work through the verbal and emotional parts of potty training at the earliest opportunity.

Make sure your child can do the following:
-Sit down without support.
-Run or walk fast.
-Pull his or her pants up without assistance.
-Provide a verbal or visual cue to let you know they need to go potty.

Be aware of the following:
-Does your child assume a certain position?
-Does your child make any particular sounds?
-Does your child’s face turn red?
-Does your child retreat to a specific location?

Once you are sure your child is ready, it’s time to move on to the next step: preparation.

Potty training is a process and does take patience. We all must go through it, make sure you go through it in the healthiest way possible. 

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