Dental practice is the profession of a doctor who deals with dental and oral hygiene, as well as physical modifications of teeth. These are the two complimentary areas that together form modern dentistry — a form of medicine that dates back to the ancient days.

Most of the river valley civilizations and civilizations earlier than them bear evidence of having had dental procedures as part of their medicinal practices. It was an important form of medicine then and it still forms a very integral part of a complete medical treatment.

Oral hygiene is not only important in itself but it is also important to keep the body functional and healthy. With poor oral hygiene comes not only oral diseases but it also causes problems in the rest of the body. And with dental problem, that body can get severely deprived of proper nutrition because the patient might end up having a lot of problems ingesting food.

The prevalence of dental practice makes sure that such problems do not arise. All one needs to do regularly is to visit a good dental practitioner on a regular basis and everything will be set right. However, it is often something that people neglect and hence a small problem in the dentition often aggravates into a larger one where the pain and the healing time increase substantially.

But there is also another side of dental practice that makes it very important and that is appearance of the teeth. Teeth and how they appear play a major role in how a person looks. That is why a lot of people get professional help in getting their teeth modified to look perfect. These procedures include whitening, straightening and even reshaping. The idea is to give the person a perfect set that will give them a great smile. Think of how Julia Roberts would look with bad teeth and you will understand how important it is to have good teeth.

Besides, things like badly stained teeth can be a real social turn off where people simply do not feel comfortable having a fact to face conversation with the person. And this can be complicated by bad breath. The simple lack of dental hygiene and bad food habits can really put you into a bad situation. And only a good dentist will be able to set things right.

Dental practice thus regularly saves a lot of people from leading socially awkward lives. But it goes beyond that and helps professionals like models and actors survive and succeed in their jobs. That is because these are jobs that require them to sculpt their bodies and personas to perfection. And that cannot be done with a bad set of teeth or a dental disease.

Dental practice thus takes care of a very important part of our physical well-being and hence is an indispensible part of modern medicine. It is a very fast evolving field where new innovations are quite frequent and the list of things that are possible is becoming longer by the day.

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