In the Christian community, baptism is one of the Holy Sacraments that each person has to go through. Months after the birth of the child, this simple ritual (which is usually celebrated with a whole or half day celebration) is held inside the church where the child is given his or her name. One of the major symbols is when the priest pours holy water on the forehead of the child.

More than a name-giving ritual, baptism has far more importance and significance in the life of a Christian. While many people participate in this solemn ceremony, some people do not know the full meaning of it. Here are some key reasons why a child has to be baptized.

–   The pouring of the water onto the child’s forehead symbolizes the association of the child to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

–   In Colossians 2, it mentioned that baptism was a way to be united with Christ. While everyone is born sinful, baptism allows a person to be born anew and this time without sin, as Christ is with him throughout the whole baptismal process.

–   In baptism, the godmothers, godfathers, parents, and other witnesses, pledge on behalf of the child, to turn away from sin, and cling always to Christ.

–   Baptism shows the community that this child, that this person, is a Christian, denouncing all works of evil, and is a public proclamation of his or her faith.

–   Baptism allows not just the child, but everyone who is witnessing the event, to pronounce their belief in the death, resurrection, and cleansing of God’s children from sin. It is a visual reminder that everyone dies in sin, but can be resurrected and cleansed from sin only through God.

–   This shows that the family acknowledges that even Christ himself was baptized, not to be freed from sin, but to rejoin God anew.

–   Baptism shows we honor God and we acknowledge His power to overcome sin for us.

–   It shows we believe that through the faith that we will demonstrate in this ritual. This faith will enable us to join everyone, and Christ, in the Christian community.

–   Baptism is being done to babies, as this means that the journey of spiritual growth starts from our childhood years and not later in life.

–   This also means acceptance of the Holy Spirit, making it easier for the believer to follow Christ as the Holy Spirit that is not inside him will serve as a guide.

Baptism is a holy sacrament and every aspect of it should be revered and honored. Just as Christ himself humbly surrendered to this sacrament, so should His children who want to follow His teachings and His life.

A reception is also normally done after a baptism because considering the effect or impact this has on the child’s life, the baptism indeed calls for a celebration. A complete party from the invitation to the favors, a baptism is generally a half day celebration from the ceremony to the baptism party.

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