Levi Foster is a Chief Operating Officer in Ideal Electrical Supply. Ideal Electrical Supply Corporation is a full services wholesale distributor for complete lines of electrical, industrial, data & telecommunications networking products, lighting, tools and safety equipment and supplies. The company maintains its headquarters and major operations in a large facility located in Northeast Washington, DC. The Company’s fleet of vehicles operates from a 57, 000 square foot warehouse where many of the items sold/distributed are inventoried. Levi Foster as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a key person in the C-level executive suite and is in charge of either manufacturing operations or service operations Build standardized, transparent, and repeatable production and service processes to provide the stable, consistent, and quality products and services that both internal and external customers expect. Adhere to professional and ethical standards established by the relevant professional bodies. Levi Foster is establishing a solid and sustainable chain of knowledge linked through the entire management hierarchy is ensuring core knowledge competencies for all levels of employees in the organization.

Leona Foster is Market Strategies SVP/Founder, an expert to excel at making business processes and customer touch points efficient and effective for customers, design research programs, ask questions, collect data and analyze resultsyielding insights that solve unique business challenges and employ powerful proprietary tools in customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand management, market opportunity assessment, communications and more. Leona Foster is a strategic thinker who provides consultative support and a relentless desire to learn the newest techniques for the toughest research projects to the team. Her immense efforts are providing extensive quality control strategies for Market Strategies International to best respond to customer requirements.

Lesley Foster is Brown Dog Creative Principal/Dir Creative, has a focus on a comprehensive web solution that includes award-winning web design and development, expert consulting, project management, search engine optimization and e Marketing strategy. Interfacing with the client and interpreting their communications strategy are developing proposed creative approaches and treatments that align with that strategy. With his team of strategic and creative experts produce thoughtful, deliberate, and effective websites based on customers business goals. With team of technology experts ensure that whatever work is done and are tested thoroughly to make sure that their web solutions are functional, usable, integrated, and intelligent. Lesley Foster as the Creative director, initiate and stimulate creative ideas for Brown Dog Creative and is taking the creative process to new paradigms.

I love to research about great personalities and learn about. I appreciate Levi Foster,Leona Foster and Lesley Foster for their amazing contribution in their field.

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