Visit the best restaurants in Cornwall during your Newquay holidays and take a unique gastronomic journey through pleasurable, mouth watering dishes with an inexpensive cost. It will definitely be an advantage if you stay at the Cornwall holiday cottages. They do not only have excellent amenities and services but also very accessible to the different exotic restaurants in Cornwall. Dine in or order a take away meal at these places to satisfy your palate.

The Kathmandu Palace

The foreign influence of the Kathmandu Palace is what keeps tourists attracted here. But most importantly, the food with its distinct Indian and Nepalese taste and aroma is the trademark of this place. Condiments such as garlic, cumin, ginger and many more are used to prepare scrumptious dishes of tandoori chicken, rice, flavoured vegetables and others. Its spicy and unique taste is really a treat for anyone during the Newquay holidays. No wonder they have won so many awards for the excellent dishes and equally efficient services. Discover the food pleasures of Nepal and India by visiting this restaurant which is just very near the Cornwall holiday cottages.

Paul Ainsworth Restaurant

Paul Ainsworth is another great restaurant that you should look forward visiting to during your Newquay holidays. For prime comfort and easy access to the restaurant, stay at the Cornwall holiday cottages. Highly recommended dishes here are the Cornish lamb kidneys and panna cotta. They also have spicy and foreign dishes as well as several seafood specialties. Their desserts are not only mouth-watering but are also sweet in a healthy kind of way. Your dining experience here is worth the trip and money because of the savoury dishes that they have to offer for you and your family.

Roovray’s Restaurant

Roovray’s Restaurant offers delectable fish, meat and lobster dishes as well as international cuisine for tourists enjoying their Newquay holidays. This is a very popular place among locals and visitors so you should make reservations in advance from your Cornwall holiday cottages to get the best spot. The friendly staffs are always ready to serve you and the ambiance par excellence. The excellent food is truly amazing and the desserts are equally irresistible. There is no better place to be than at the Roovray’s. Your vacation getaway will be most memorable if you sample the dishes from these restaurants. You can even order a take away meal of these pleasurable and tongue-satiating foods so you can eat them at the Cornwall holiday cottages.

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