Fair warning. I’m a bit biased about medifast.  My experience and observations have been very good ones. Here are what I feel are the absolute best medifast products of the bunch. Keep in mind this is only my opinion. Yours may differ.

Medifast Shakes: Although I always have to tell people that this is not a shake or liquid only diet, I can sort of see where the confusion lies. The shakes are very filling, convenient, and tasty. Whether you chose the 55 variety (requires a tiny bit of assembly), the appetite suppression shakes, or the ready to drink, you really can’t go wrong. And, there are a decent selection of flavors like Dutch chocolate, Swiss mocha, French vanilla, and banana crème.

Cappuccinos, Lattes, And Hot Chocolate: I admit that prior to going on this plan, I was a Starbuck’s junkie who had to have a fix every single day (and would sometimes grab some biscotti while I was at it). These products allow me to have my fix in a safe way. (I really like to mix the hot chocolate and cappuccino to make a mocha.) I truly believe that being able to have these helped me stick with the program. Some of these products are also part of the momentum line that has extra ingredients to help you burn more calories and fat.

Fat / Sugar Free Syrups: I know this is not a diet product, but it helps enhance the taste and variety of the foods on this particular diet. I use this on my shakes, puddings, and oatmeal and it really gives them the taste of a calorie ridden dessert. I especially like caramel and raspberry. I will sometimes also add fat / sugar free whipped cream. While I’m discussing enhancement, the Health Mate Blender (or any high quality model) is also really good have on hand to make your shakes thick and rich.

The Oatmeal: If you think about it, Medifast is technically a low carb diet. It works by providing you with foods that have a high amount of proteins and a low amount of carbohydrates. This puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis which tricks your body into burning fat instead of excess carbohydrates (because none are available). The good thing though is that you aren’t constantly eating meats and fats the way you are with Atkins. I love carbs and I love breakfast foods but if I were on your typical low carb diet, I couldn’t have them. This diet allows several carb choices. Among them, the oatmeal is my favorite. It comes in flavors like maple and brown sugar, berry, and apple cinnamon.

The Medifast Bars: If a diet’s convenience is important to you, it doesn’t get any better than these bars. They are literally grab and go. They are also pretty tasty and have very sound nutrition, containing a whopping 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with only 10 grams of sugar. There are also a huge variety of flavors offered like: chocolate mint, oatmeal raisin, lemon yogurt, chocolate, fruit and nut, s’more granola, caramel nut and peanut butter.

The Pudding: Again, I love desserts and snacks so having something that feels like I am eating dessert is a big draw for me. I like the pudding because it fits this criteria and tastes good, but I also use it as the main ingredient in cookies and muffins I make using very low fat ingredients. It comes in the flavors of vanilla, banana and chocolate.

The Pancakes, Brownies, And Ice Cream:  These are all new products and they are all quite good.  As you may be able to tell, I really like the sweet flavored choices and these fit that bill. The pancakes even have chocolate chips.

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