A tree survey means the inspection done on all the trees that are there on a particular land. In this inspection, all the information about each and every tree is done in a systematic manner. Tree Survey This is done to find out what the condition of each tree is. It also gives the statically count of trees in the premise of the land, the tress that are shadowing the land from outside the boundary of the land.

Apart from this information on the tree survey will provide an in-depth analysis of the type of trees that are there is also mentioned. This survey will also inform you about the safety precautions one may need to take for the land and the trees that are growing in it.

Another important factor that is covered is that the tree survey will provide details like
”  the age of the all the trees this would mean if the tree is old, young etc
”  Each tree will have a reference number, this will help for future reference.
”  the type of trees that are there in the land, which means the name of the tree
”  The physical condition of all the trees that are there in the land.
”  The height of the tree.
”  The stem diameter which is measured 1.5 meters above the ground. This diameter will be measured in centimeters.
”  The direction of where the tree is placed
”  The condition of the tree, which means they will see if the tree is good or whether it is on the verge of dying or is already dead
”  The life expectancy of each tree.
”  Which trees needs to be taken out
”  Which tree can be kept
”  The color of the bark of the tree.
The tree survey will also provide other details like
”  It will also let the owner of the land know where they can build the fence.
”  How much of distance is needed from the tree to build the fence.
”  It will let the concerned authorities as to how each tree will create an impact on the nearby buildings.
”  How many trees have the roots surfacing the ground?

Apart from all this information, the tree survey also helps the land owner by providing some tips on how they can maintain the trees.  The tree survey is done not just for developers, but it will also help the concerned authorities as to how many trees are there in public places and how with the help of the tree survey, the can maintain the trees that are there. Thus to conclude this survey a very important piece of information.

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