Telemarketing services generally focus on certain consumer pockets to increase their sales. There is a definite logic in that. Not all the customers that your outbound call center agents tap would be interested in buying something from you. However, in the process of tapping them, a lot of your lead generation resources will be spent. If you are not getting a favorable return on investment, it does not make sense to continue with the process. This was the general perception before certain interesting results were thrown by independent surveys. These studies have proved that when the call center is catering to a narrow market and only a handful of customers, it is sealing its own fate.

The more you limit your telemarketing network, the more you are keeping yourself cooped up. You are becoming dependent on a handful of loyal customers. These customers may be active and contributing to your earnings handsomely. But you need more such customers on the database to expand your business. You need to have more people on the business network. For that, you need the lead generation team to go out there and add more customers to your kitty. It does seem difficult these days, what with the telecom restrictions and all. But you will have to make some decisions in terms of sales lead generation procedures. BPO units can go for online methods to generate leads as well. These days, you can get some good revenue from the internet if you can convert the traffic into fruitful leads.

There is another way in which telemarketing services can expand its network wider. That is in the customer service department. When you have a quality inbound call center desk answering calls from curious callers and prospective customers, you are doing passive lead generation in the process. There is a good quality in this. You do not have to go out and convince people. You do not have to make telemarketing calls that many label as pesky. On the gaining side, you have a steady stream of customers getting added to your network. And because you are signing up people who are actually interested in your brand, you can be assured that these people will stick to you if you keep up the good work that got them in.

There is the internet to help you expand your customer base. Expanding a business on the internet becomes easy with Web 2.0 tools like social media marketing. If you are into B2B projects, you can make use of professional networks to get the job done. The primary aim of the call centers should be to increase brand awareness. More than promoting the products/services, if you can get the brand to be popular, you will soon have a regular number of customers coming in. You can use the close-knit group of customers to promote your brand through positive word of mouth publicity. With social media networks, viral marketing is big. If your loyal customers share the link of your services pages on their profiles and drop in good words about your brand, you are all set to grow big.

We always try to increase our telemarketing network and get in fresh customers. We also keep a sharp eye on our existing customers through quality customer service.

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