If you are working on telemarketing who often gets angry as all your targets failed, you would surely know that telemarketing id very risky. the thing that you should always remember is that not to take rejection personally. And if you want to become a good telemarketer, it is very important that you should have good telemarketing skills.


1. When calling prospects you need to have a positive attitude. If you are enthusiastic and confident on the telephone then it will come across in your voice… On the flip side, if you are boring and negative then you have already failed in attracting new prospects. Excitement sells and enthusiasms contagious. Turn negative statements given by the prospect into negative ones.


2. Before you actually pick up the telephone to call the prospect, how prepared are you? Preparation is vital in generating ore leads. If you know exactly what you are going to say when you call then your conversation will flow more smoothly and you will be more effective. Organization is also a vital part in the preparation process. It will be very helpful to have your leads organize so you know who you will call next and a time. Also having a thorough knowledge of your product or service will enable you to answer any question the prospect ct may have.


3. Another great telemarketing skill to develop is mirroring and matching the prospect. To do this you can ask the prospect a question and pay close attention to the response. If the tone is louder and the answer is short phrases then speak louder and keep your sentences short and you will establish rapport. Of note, is that people will often do business with someone who they perceive as being ‘just like them’. You can also establish rapport by listening and repeating the words you prospect uses (positive ones) and also adjusting your rhythm and rate of speech to theirs.


4. Other telemarketing skills to consider and develop include asking qualifying questions, listening actively and using strategic pauses. Qualifying questions are used to separate those prospects that meet specific criteria and will more likely say yes to an offer. The main advantage is time is not waste n unqualified prospects. Listening actively enables you to identify many buying signals and understand s the prospects’ needs and concerns.


5. Finally, whenever you ask a question or make a comment that is intended to get the prospect to respond-pause. This is an excellent use of strategic pausing as it creates effects, emphasis and allows the prospect to think before making final decision .Without strategic pauses you run the risk of talking yourself out of the sale.


Using these techniques and consistently developing your telemarketing skills will enable you to reach your goals and be more successful.


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