Beginning of this century, Yiwu seamless Clothing Rapid rise, after several years of development, through the play equipment brand, the concept of card playing, playing Star Cards, playing the price card, to the present, into a “crossroads” seamless garment manufacturers are facing a severe test: a single seamless garments, seamless market for narrow … … Yiwu way the apparel industry in the future how to get? Seamless garment industry journalists and City Association, Zhejiang Bangjie Clothing Company Ltd. TAO discussed.

Reporter: Dow, president, after years of development, Yiwu seamless garment industry seems to have entered a relatively “smooth” development stage. I ask, seamless garment industry’s market prospects?

TAO: bright prospects! Seamless apparel is an emerging industry, and now Yiwu seamless production of the apparel industry only accounts for 20% of the world, there is a 80% share of production in developed countries people. So the market is not limited to Yiwu local, local, from the world over, look around the globe stand. We are talking about 20% of the production output is only the concept, not the concept of market consumption. Because those countries are mainly high-end enterprise market. Most of us are low-end market, of course, there are mid-range high-end. If the future market as capacity is 100 units, mid-range of 100 units, 100 units of low-grade, then, in accordance with the current ratio, we can account for 60/300. We recognize this, market confidence will be stronger.

Now, the National 6000 the most advanced production equipment, clothing seamless, there are 5,000 Yiwu, Yiwu, from here you can see the development of seamless apparel industry rate. But only with the “smooth” development to express, because, although the scale of expansion soon, but the start, our main product is seamless clothing bunched Body products, and now is the product. Can say that our products remains at the initial stage. On firm size, Israel has thousands of Taiwan business world’s most advanced equipment, there are many, and we are the largest enterprises is less than 300. Therefore, the development of the industry, we Yiwu seamless garment industry is still in the early stages of development.

Reporter: In early 2006, Yiwu seamless garment industry associations that develop third-generation product, now what progress? Yiwu market for us and the concept of a seamless garment, bunch Body features the advantages of demand has played more or less, and do not create new advantages. Market products appeared homogeneous, price competition intensified the phenomenon of falling profits. Because of this, will force companies to innovate, to seek a breakthrough.

TAO: Any product has a life cycle, and now our biggest problem is the product of aging. A product has been popular not continue. We propose development of third generation products have been more than two years, but difficult. We saw in Europe, the main product families are not our current, mostly sports, leisure, home-based, diverse, eclectic, and very fashionable, keeping up with fashion trends.

Reporter: What are the factors constraining the greatest?

TAO: The biggest factor is the lack of innovation. Mainly to new product design and development capability is not enough. We have already seen, this is being done. We introduced the world’s most advanced equipment utilization rate of only 20% -30%. Last year, we formed a “seamless garment Yiwu research center”, this center was included in the Office of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province created post of regional technological innovation service centers. The center of Zhejiang University of Technology, Donghua University in Shanghai to establish Cooperation Relations, development of new products, research new technology to enhance the grasp of the international seamless garment industry trends and enhance the capacity of fashion design technology.

Reporter: Perhaps, our marketing methods are not enough. I found that in China, people wear less clothing and more seamless, indicating the means in marketing to the general public has not yet reached an acceptable level.

TAO: In addition to product development, thus, there is an important innovation is the innovative marketing tools.

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