Lawrence Pohly is a New York attorney skilled and seasoned in the workings of estate planning and Stock Purchase Agreement, among other key areas that everyone may have interest in. Pohly turns estate planning and reaching stockholder agreements into an art, because he has been around enough to know how to maximize the “beauty” of any situation that might arise. Pohly runs an office that revolves around client needs rather than personal, lawyer needs. Seems like an obvious concept, but unfortunately in many cases, this doesn’t happen. You may think you’re getting the right treatment, but perhaps the lawyer is dragging out the procedure so he can milk you more with high hourly rates. Pohly is also all about practical legal services as opposed to formal services.

For example, if you are looking for estate planning, and you speak with Pohly and boil your highest needs down to something in particular, Pohly will not go through all of the other points he would formally make. If you know what you want and you both can identify that, there will be no need for completing other legal services or suggesting that you get services you don’t need. If you are looking to make stockholder agreements, Pohly is one New York attorney who will quickly and efficiently complete the agreements so you aren’t billed an exorbitant amount of money when another lawyer might take his or her sweet time.

Pohly’s leagal services are more than you think, and less than you think, oddly enough. They are more quality and less time or hassle. Pohly can help you form a business or corporation, which is becoming more and more useful in this day and age where entrepreneurship is more highly-valued and more common, too. Being an entrepreneur empowers you like working for other people doesn’t. Pohly keeps with that spirit by helping you form your business rather than charging you so much that you can’t afford to start that business anymore once you get out of Pohly’s office. You are going to be well-prepared and well-taken care of with Pohly, a brilliant Estate planning attorney new york and estate planner.


Lawyer for business, real estate, trusts, business estate planning and personalized legal services to families, individuals and businesses provided by law office of Lawrence Pohly, ESQ .