Have you ever had some accidents like a piece of equipment flying through the back window of your truck after a quick stop? or your bedliner are taken out of your truck only to find that it looks worse than if you had not had any bedliner in there at all? These types of issues have plagued bedliner owners for years.


Should I get a drop-in and let it crack, fade, warp, and shift around in the bed of my truck, all while not giving me any real slip protection? Or, should I go with a spray-in and let them destroy the paint job on my bed and possibly the warranty of my new truck? Should I go with one of the new hybrid bedliners on the market and possibly not get what exactly I want out of it? There are so many options available for a bedliner these days it can be a very difficult decision to make. However, the items to consider that are going to be most important are protection of your precious cargo, and protection of the body of your truck. Another important point to consider is ease of installation. Both drop-ins and spray-in bedliners will require a professional to install, and will require modification of the body of your truck in some way. This means you need to find someone who is qualified and has the equipment to install the liner, and then pay them a fee to do the actual install.


The beauty of the hybrid bedliner is it gets shipped right to your door, and can be installed in around 30 minutes by almost anyone. The flooring is an ultra thick UV treated rubber material, that stands up against the toughest and heaviest of loads. The side panels are molded poly that is also UV treated, so no worries of cracking and sun fading. With the specialized rubber flooring, there is no slippage of your load, once you load it into the bed of your truck, it’s not going anywhere until you unload it.

Have a look at some bedliners by DualLiner and see what you think.
Jason Binghampton

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