HTC Touch HD Review

One thing that is a fact is that the HTC mobile phone is by far the leader when it comes to Windows mobile phones. We all know that the HTC is a brilliant phone, and today it is becoming a household name in many homes around the world. Now that the HTC Touch HD is available to the consumer, the company knows that this mobile device is now their flagship.

When the HTC Touch HD was released, sites and videos were updated, and there were a few people that got their hands on the Touch HD. For some people this was not a big deal, but for others this was definitely a phone that needed more information. 

Although the Touch HD weighs 1 gram more than its competitor – the Xperia X1, the HTC dons a 5 mega pixel camera, where the Xperia promises only 3.15 mega pixels.  This is not a big deal to many people, yet to others it does matter. Comparing the size of the Touch HD to other HTC phones there is not much difference, but with its flush WVGA 3.8 inch screen what more could you want? The HTC logo is printed and can be found on the top left and looking to the right you’ll find the earpiece grill. Not too far from the grill you will find the call camera button. Included on the front are the home, call end, back and call buttons, and all these are flush with the screen.

If you are looking for a few ups and downs when it comes to the HTC Touch HD, here they are: 


Screen Resolution – 480×800 pixels

Screen Size – 3.8 inches

Processor Speed – 528 MHz

5 Mega pixels Camera – 2592×1944 mega pixels and a video call CIF camera running at 30fps.


Deleting multiple messages is not included. The mail features drag and delete

Dimension (this refers to the height of the Touch HD)

Slot location for MicroSD card

Have to unlock device first before hitting the snooze button on Alarm.

Nothing is perfect, but what makes the HTC Touch HD stand out from its rivals is the fact that this is a device that oozes style and has become a phone at the top of many consumers’ wish list. 

Your first impression will probably be “Wow, it’s so big” (we are referring to the phone!), but spend only an hour on it and you will see how your mind will change. What is impressive is the life of the battery. Comparing to the Touch Diamond, the Touch HD will last around 12 hours, and this was tested while the WiFi was being used constantly. 

In the end, many would agree that this is a stunning and beautiful device. It will definitely make you smile, and you will be so happy with it that you wouldn’t want to put it down, even for a second.

Hopefully this HTC Touch HD review will help you decide on your next phone. Know one thing: you will definitely not be disappointed settling down with it. I wasn’t.

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