The past, we are driving this: the key in the car door, open the door; get in the car, insert the key inside the steering wheel under power locks, gently turning Car Start. Later, with the anti-theft door locks we can not insert the key, simply press the security key lock button, you can enter the car. Now, we can always key in my pocket, close to the car a certain distance, the car door will automatically open; into the car, just press the start button (or knob), car started on fire, to achieve this kinds of functions that are currently popular “keyless entry system.” New Mercedes-Benz E Department Audi A6L, Toyota Crown, Honda Eighth generation Accord to senior car Nissan Sounds of nature, Mazda 6, from compact Jiajiao Corolla, Nissan Landmark Plaza, Tiida, Tiida hatchback to Chang’an Suzuki Tianyu SX4 and even the newly-listed Class Hatchback Mazda 2 A0, keyless entry systems gradually become popular configuration.

Work Common keyless entry system, also called smart key system, is a transmitter, remote central lock control module, driver’s license system control module and associated wiring harness of three receptors comprising controlling system. Integrated remote control and transmitter on the car keys, vehicle keys can be sent according to signals intelligence, or do not lock into the locking state, and even automatically close the windows and skylights.

This system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, normally, when the owners approached the vehicle within a distance of about one meter, the door will automatically open, and lift the anti-theft; when leaving vehicles, the lock will automatically anti-theft lock and enter the state. When the owner of the car, the vehicle detection system will immediately recognize the smart card, then just gently press the start button (or knob), you can normally start the vehicle, the whole process, car keys do not come up.

Integration of three functions Keyless entry system includes auto-unlock, smart ignition and identify owners of the three basic functions. Some brands of cars have automatic closing rear window lock function.

Features an auto-unlock By the owner to carry sensor chip smart Cary automatic door lock switch. When the owners close to the car, keys and the car began to exchange via radio waves to set a good command of information has. Then the car shut down the system and security system and engine control system which is activated. That is when you approached the vehicle a certain distance (usually 1 meter) will automatically open the door and lift the alarm; When you leave the vehicle, the door will automatically lock and enter the alarm state.

Features two intelligent ignition Typically, drivers will need to key in the ignition keyhole to start the engine. The intelligent key keyless start the way this all becomes easier. Intelligent key role is to identify the operator whether the engine owners, and start at any time before entering standby. When you need to start the engine, just smart keys that can be detected in the area, the driver can press the start button or twist of the rotary button to start the engine.

Functional identification of owners of three
Each smart key has a unique ID code and vehicle ID code corresponds to. Even a simple copy of the key, no ID code can not start the vehicle. Only when the owner of the car, the vehicle detection system will immediately recognize your card, after confirmation the car’s computer will enter the working state, then the car just gently press the start button (or knob ), you can normally start vehicles.

With “keyless entry system” will definitely bring some increase in costs of vehicles. Currently, only sounds of nature is a senior car comes standard with smart key system-wide end of last year listed Mondeo – winning only 2.3L Deluxe Edition only with Dongfeng Nissan Tiida and Tiida equipped with a smart key system, which only the high profile of the Tiida 1.6GE automatic type, 1.6GS automatic type and Tiida 1.6JE automatic type, 1.6JS automatic type standard smart key system, Xuan Yi only 2.0XL technology-and 2.0XV GLS have this configuration , including 2.3 flagship Mazda 6, Mazda 6, Mazda coupe automatic type and 6Wagon three models with smart key system.

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