A slow PC will definitely annoy many people, but a great many persons don’t know how to repair it. They may come across a slow computer, bad performance and even computer freezing. Many factors may influence the computer performance. Therefore, you should deal with all the factors that may cause a slow performance and then find a way to repair the slow computer.

You should not be impatient and some effective steps can help you know how to increase the speed of your computer. The following tips are for you to fix a slow PC.

You should start your computer and browse the list of programs that you have installed on your computer. You can find that there are some useless programs which appear after a long time of computer-using. You should get rid of programs that you don’t need any more or that are out of date. After this process, you will increase the speed of your computer.

How to discover what programs are influencing performance? Run a scan on your computer. You can figure it out with a free system health check program, many of which can be downloaded freely.

Go to your “My Documents” program. A long time use of your computer will of course generate a great many junk files on the system disk. Therefore, you should dispose all the useless files or the files with backup ones. Then go to “My Pictures”. Do move them to a removable disc or get rid of all the useless pictures. Run Windows disk cleanup program. Such a step can help you get rid of all the useless files and compress the files you do not use much so as to save space and increase computer speed. Run a system scan to check computer health. This step can check the registry and the rest of your computer to help you to discover errors. Since after a program uninstallation, some registry entries cannot be removed completely, become invalid ever since and may cause your computer slower, it is necessary for you to check all the registry entries including the invalid ones. Besides, malware may exist on your PC while you don’t know it. This may be one of the reasons why your computer slows down

Malware will use your RAM; other resources may affect computer performance. Therefore, you need to clean up void registry keys and to remove malware which may endanger your credit cards and monitor every keystroke on your computer. Follow these steps, and you can fix a slow computer, optimize the computer performance and make it safer again.

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