Trends, styles, fashions, fashionistas, etc. all of these terms are highly vulnerable terms. Why that? The answer is obvious, because the latest trends (whether they are a reminiscence of the past or an amalgamation of various past, present or futuristic trends) are all inspired by fashion designers, movie stars and all the other people involved in the glam world.

Besides the dress, the hairstyle makes a difference to our persona; it enhances our personality and brings about our individuality. But a good hairstyle can become a very tacky one if our hair color betrays our true self. That is why it is important that we make a perfect match of both the factors to make us look what we are, and not what we want to be and something which makes us look weird.

Many a times, we get highly inspired by the hairstyles donned by the models on the ramp, and try to ape them. But we forget that what looks good on the ramp walk, may look vulgar or inappropriate when we walk on the streets. We may end up looking what we didnt expect us to look like. That is why it is really important to CONSULT before we experiment with our hair. An expert always gives us the best advice. On some people, even the weirdest of hairstyles look great, because thats how their personality is, but for another person, the same hairstyle could make them look like a chipmunk (no offense).

These days, colors like red, white, brown etc have become very popular with the crowds. Brown hair extensions have always been evergreen (even black, which also gives you a gothic look with a right hairstyle).

But colors like white and red have been a recent phenomenon. White has become extensively popular because of Lady Gagas whacky style on screen; whereas red has been popular since before with some of the people, but now it has gained more popularity because red hair extensions make you completely stand out if you can carry it off well. Also, due to the popular Twilight vampires donning red in their hair has made it a completely way to go color. Be it red curls or straight hair, red definitely has an edgy appeal.

The hair extensions may be artificial or made out of real hair, and are perfectly safe to use if got done from a renowned salon. So go ahead, make those locks turn heads!

Sansal geel

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We offer the best hair extension salons in Long Island and later the world’s best hair extensions salon, in New York City. Being the first in the NYC, NJ, and CT area, using this kind of hair additions created with his own hands at his best hair extension salons that he named Fusion hair as it is showing in several magazines back then.

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