1, the program background Sinopec Group is the largest branch of a feature more in-house daily Communicate Contact is frequent, before the implementation of this program, Sinopec existing telephone system between the headquarters and branch offices still rely on traditional public telephone network to communicate, Hua Fei high costs of communication between each other is not smooth, and dialing rules are cumbersome, greatly affect the company’s operating costs and efficiency. On the other hand, Sinopec has been built to cover all branches of the data network, the network has some spare bandwidth, network resources, network conditions can support value-added services in order to make full use of resources to achieve set of data, voice, in one multi- of communication.

IP-based voice bearer technology, Sinopec can benefit more than just “saving Hua Fei,” and Sinopec its existing and near future trends in business development combined with the Group’s day to day combination of office demand, IP telephone system will be Sinopec “improve working efficiency on office expenses, to achieve security barrier-free communication,” an effective means.

The spirit of nature, practicality, reliability of principle, stand overall height, from the long-term development requirements, and Shenzhen Century Network Communication Equipment Sinopec Co., Ltd. to provide a complete IP telephony system solution, a first-class level has reached the international advanced level of advanced, efficient, practical, strong vitality of the “Enterprise Group IP communications system.” Use of its existing transmission network to provide fast, convenient, low-cost voice, data and multimedia services as a whole, can act to further promote the office of scientific and standardized distribution, improve efficiency and capital utilization.

Second, the program features (A) internal IP-based line telephone system, call charge is zero; access IP long-distance telephone trunk lines, significantly reducing costs and long-distance telephone company’s network of cities, then the cost, reduce the cost of group communication;

(B) external dial-up and phone the same, a small number of unified planning group;
(C) the integration of existing telephone system, to achieve complementary and traditional phone extension, and a rich IP phones to achieve value-added services, intelligence services, multimedia services and other new services such as telephone conference, paperless fax, call centers, remote seats, etc., to improve the efficiency of the Group office;

(D) provides a unified network management platform for centralized management and remote monitoring, and with the petrochemicals ERP, OA integrated to achieve real-time view in the OA system, Hua Fei list.

III program advantage (A) of the unified plan: In accordance with unified planning, step by step implementation of the principle. Ensure a unified technical specification, uniform number and IP address assignment conditions, to achieve the Group’s Quanchengquanwang IP phone connectivity;

(B) compatible with both old and new: the old phone system and IP phone systems are fully integrated, not only of traditional telephone services complement and extend IP phone will achieve value-added services, intelligence services, multimedia and other new business, the telephone network smooth upgrade to the IP telephone network, the full protection of the existing telephone investment;

(C) centralized management: The support of TCP / IP and SNMP protocols for network equipment, the establishment of a unified network management platform to realize internal data network the whole network equipment, monitoring, statistics, configuration and improve the efficiency of network maintenance reduce operation and maintenance costs;

(D) the use of simple: intelligent routing, according to the user dialing prefix, automatic identification, or IP call to the city if special network, the original dial-up users do not change habits; easily through the phone voice IVR configuration and balance inquiries; by setting the IP relay No simplify dialing numbers and support continuous dial, dialing, etc.;

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