Making delicious, restaurant quality dishes in your own kitchen is easier than you think. Many of us are tightening our belts and don’t go out to dinner as much, but we still want to enjoy the dishes we love. I worked in the restaurant business for years and learned to cook when I learned to clone restaurant recipes. There are a few different ways to find famous secret restaurant recipes and make them at home.

One way is to make notes when you are at the restaurant enjoying your favorite dish:

Write down all the flavors you taste, even if you can’t say exactly what it is, for example: “  a flavor of coconut, but there is no shredded coconut in the dish”
Note the obvious things you see, like: “mostly romaine lettuce, twice as many almonds as raisins, almonds are shaved, not slivered”
Make notes about any description the waiter may have given, such as “finished with a sherry cream sauce.”
Make notes of the menu description.
If you are perplexed by anything, ask the waiter. Often they can ask the chef or may have observed a certain technique in the kitchen.

Another way is to go to the restaurant’s website and see if they post recipes or will respond to an email. This is not very likely in some cases.

You can also use your current cookbooks to find similar recipes and then “doctor” them up. This can be very difficult to make the dish taste exactly the same.

Sometimes the most difficult part of cloning recipes is technique. Technique is something you must learn and having visual or written instructions is the best.

Best way of all is to find a collection of recipes and techniques that have been tested so we don’t waste our time and ingredients guessing at restaurant secret recipes. Sometime you can find one or two good recipes online, but to find a whole collection of secret restaurant recipes is even better!

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Happy Cooking!
Terry L B Roy is a mother of two and enjoys reading, writing, dining out, gardening and cooking for her family. She is a busy entrepreneur and finds cooking and gardening to be a great way to relax and connect with her family. She believes that family dinner time is very important when raising children and gives the family time to share the truly important things in life–each other. Look for Terry to contribute more articles in the very near future.