Very little is said and written about the need for putting telemarketing agents into the classrooms. By classrooms, I mean both forms of imparting education: in-house training modules in the BPO units and also educational institutions for their formal education. Agents are often known to join the industry while they are studying during the day. They work night and graveyard shifts so that they can attend schools during the day. However, the pressures of a demanding job often divert their attention. Telemarketing takes up their attention in totality and there is little left for studies. When they make headways in their career, they decide to discontinue with their studies. This is not the ideal scenario for either the call center that the agent is working in and neither for the agent. Education, in all forms, is necessary for the agents. In this article we will see how it makes a big difference to have a formal education while working at BPO service.

Telemarketing means interacting with customers, callers and people in general. You are required to open up your mind and speak freely with people who belong to a different culture and background. That is when the call center agents have to be educated. Many call centers have a cut-off on the kind of educational qualification that they want to see. If you do not have a formal degree from a recognized institution, you cannot afford to go ahead in the call center services ladder. After a certain point, it’s your educational qualification that can become your bane. Maybe then you will not have the time to go back and finish your education. So it’s always advisable to keep studying diligently unless you achieve a certain standard academically.

You may say that telemarketing is all about soft skills and less about formal degrees. There is truth in the saying, but you cannot forget that the world still goes by perception before testing it out. College and school degrees may not teach you the finer nuances of telemarketing services, but you will need the knowledge that you pick up there. You never know which project may come your way while working at the call center. What you study in school maybe just what you needed to know! No amount of education goes in vain and you will soon have some use of your knowledge at the BPO unit. You have to believe in yourself and keep pushing to stay academically solvent.

Schooling helps call center agents learn to be disciplined and focused in their approach to work. There are certain traits of a successful telemarketing agent that you cannot learn from hearsay. You have to condition yourself to those skills by attending classes and training sessions. There is always an advantage that a well-trained agent holds over the one that has picked up the tricks by observing others. The proper use of telemarketing knowledge can equip the agent to handle crises and deal with even damage control. Schooling is important to keep the agents on the right track in their careers.

We provide ample training to our telemarketing agents. We like to create a flexible work environment for them so that they can improve themselves while working in our BPO.

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