Ever thought of turning your candle making hobby into a part time business? Why not check out the local craft fairs and markets, everyone just loves handmade candles. Also giving your candles as presents to family and friends is a good idea, they all have friends as well who will get to see and smell your creations. Why not make some aromatherapy candles put them in a lovely basket with some hand cream, bath salts and see if a local gift shop will sell them for you.

If you have school age children why not approach the school and offer to donate some candles or even make another gift basket up for a mothers day raffle. If you have bed and breakfast places in your local area why not approach them with your candles.

Another place to think about when selling your candles is eBay but when going down this road do not forget about the fees they charge. If you want to make serious money with your candle business a website is a must, in a way I think this is a cheaper way for you to make sales on a larger scale and it is a good way to test the waters. When going down this road try and take the best photos that you possibly can, a photo speaks a thousand words.

Also when you list your candle use all available spaces and when putting in your description give as much information as possible. You will also need to get yourself organized, try and make candles on one day and then maybe the next do all the packaging.

It would also be a good idea to buy your supplies wholesale as this is going to save you money in the long run. Of course a good place to check for suppliers is the internet. When you find somebody that interests you make a little order, you want to check them out.

Have they supplied you with your total order, how long does it take to get to you? You need to ask these questions because you are counting on them for your supplies and if you run out of something you want to know that they can firstly supply you and secondly get it to you quick. Keep a record of the stock you buy so that its easier to reorder and also for working out how much to charge for your candles.

Who doesn’t love the smell of scented candles? It’s so easy and inexpensive to do. Making your own scented candles is such a lovely gift idea for family and friends. It’s also a great way to show off your creative talent that you have got hiding away. http://www.Handmadescentedcandles.info