The following is a sample cold call (we’re only showing the salesperson’s side of the conversation):

Hi, Joe, John Chapin with ABC Company. Very nice to meet you, Joe. We’ve been saving companies such as yours an average of 34 percent on information storage and backup. All I’d like to do today is set up a time when I could spend about fifteen minutes with you to determine if and how much we could help you. Could we take a look at your schedule right now?”

“Joe, let me ask you, what system are you using currently for information storage and backup?”

“How’s that been working out for you?”

Now ask more qualifying questions such as:

• “And how are you storing those currently?”

• “How long have you been doing it that way?”

• “Joe, if you could change anything about the present system, what would it be?”

• “What do you like best about your current system?”

• “And Joe, what is your annual budget for information storage?”

• “So, you’re open to some good ideas that could potentially save you money and improve your overall system?”

• “Great. Joe, in addition to you, who makes the decisions on information storage?”

Next, ask some rapport-building questions during your cold call. These questions will obviously vary based upon which state or town you’re making your cold calls in and your personal history or background. Here are some questions:

• “Joe, do you have any relatives in Wisconsin, by any chance?”

• “I grew up in Wisconsin and a few friends of mine were named Harvey.”

• “Are you from this area originally?”

• “Oh, where did you go to school?”

• “Did you play any sports for them?”

Finally, close your cold call with a brief statement summarizing your next meeting: “Okay, great, Joe. I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday the 14th at 10 a.m.  and discussing some ways we may be able to save you some time, effort, and money. Have a nice day.”

Your cold call should be brief, spark some interest, determine how ready, willing, and able the prospect is to purchase your product or service, and be a bridge to the next step in the selling process. Follow the ideas above and you will be on your way to a powerful cold call. 

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